Sharpy's Boba Fett Roundup

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Sharpy reviews the busy month of January: Mighty Muggs, Funko 12″ Bobble Bank, Hasbro Comic Pack and Betrayal on Bespin, Spuda Fett, and a quick review of the Signature Edition Boba Fett helmet from Master Replicas.


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  1. boba1138 says:

    Aways AWESOME to hear from you, hope there are a lot more new Fett items in the future for you to report on. Mind showing a little more of your collection, I would be very interested in seeing what you have accumulated.

  2. Brent Nelson says:

    I agree with boba1138. I would love to see more of your collection. Specifically the wearable armour and weapons.

    1. drew hoffman says:

      i agree with you both

  3. Sharpy says:

    Wow, I didn’t know there were comments here too! The collection is pretty large (just ask my ever suffering girlfriend)… the majority of it is in boxes at the moment and I’d love to have the space to have it all laid out for viewing… one of these days. In terms of wearable armour and weapons, all I really have is the full size costume which you can see behind me, as well as the Master Replicas helmet and rifle… Glad you enjoy the “series”, and I look forward to putting out something new soon! :)

    1. drew hoffman says:

      sharpy you are awesome

  4. drew hoffman says:

    when are u coming back on youtube. You have the best advice on Boba Fett collecting.

  5. drew hoffman says:

    sharpy your the best person to give reviews on boba fett merchandise. Keep the good work up

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