Celebration V: Exclusive Interview with Jeremy Bulloch

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BFFC’s own contributing editor and long-time volunteer James Clarke caught up with Jeremy “Boba Fett” Bulloch at Celebration V:

Video by Matt Zeher and Z-Effect Productions. Available in 720 HD.

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  1. fairyblood says:

    I love how adorably star struck he is. ^_^ It's so cute.

    Jeremy is just such a cool and funny guy all around. And he's so aware too; name dropping 501st and Gentle Giant and whatnot. That's insanely rare.

    Good interview!

  2. Fett_II says:

    nice logos

  3. Jaster says:

    Nice job Lucas.

  4. Drak says:

    Lucas your the man!

  5. James Clarke says:

    Just as an update: Since this interview, Jeremy has in fact accepted my facebook friend request lol

    1. drew hoffman says:


  6. drew hoffman says:

    Jeremy Bulloch i wish you well on taking over lucasfilm.

  7. MWarner says:

    I'm disappointed to see Mr Bulloch make no mention of the men who gave Boba Fett his voice, particularly the truly best, Jason Wingreen.

    1. James Clarke says:

      preobably because Jason's voice has been replaced and he tries to avoid awkward situations like that

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