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Dave Dorman is a science fiction, horror and fantasy illustrator best known for his Star Wars artwork. Visit his official site at

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Thumbnail"Boba Fett: Bounty Hunter" Print by Dave DormanFavorites 6Views 35.8kResolution 400 × 600ThumbnailBoba Fett and The Mandalorian by Dave DormanFavorites 6Views 5.1kResolution 558 × 720Thumbnail"Fall of a Bounty Hunter" by Dave Dorman (1998)Favorites 1Views 4.7kResolution 2000 × 3219ThumbnailBoba Fett by Dave Dorman (2017)Favorites 2Views 2.9kResolution 572 × 720Thumbnail"In the Court of Jabba the Hutt"Views 2.8kResolution 4000 × 1802ThumbnailBoba Fett Sketch by Dave DormanViews 2.7kResolution 567 × 720ThumbnailBoba Fett and Chewbacca, Cover of Dark Empire IIViews 2.2kResolution 1060 × 1600ThumbnailDallas Comic Con 2006, Back Cover Artwork (Marion Ravenwood from Indiana Jones rescued by Boba Fett) (2006)Favorites 1Views 2.1kResolution 764 × 1204ThumbnailBoba Fett Sketch by Dave Dorman (2017)Views 1.8kResolution 760 × 1000Thumbnail"Shards of Alderaan" Cover by Dave Dorman (Alternate Unused Version)Favorites 1Views 1.8kResolution 500 × 363ThumbnailDave with Boba Fett Painting (9/2011)Views 1.7kResolution 478 × 640ThumbnailDark Empire II #4, Cover Artwork (1995)Favorites 1Views 1.6kResolution 718 × 1079Thumbnail"The Smuggler's Moon" by Dave DormanViews 1.5kResolution 740 × 1082ThumbnailBoba Fett and the Millennium Falcon by Dave DormanViews 1.4kResolution 613 × 800Thumbnail"The Marvels Project" Boba Fett Sketch Cover by Dave Dorman (2009)Views 1.4kResolution 640 × 990ThumbnailJabba's Sail Barge, Sarlacc, and Boba Fett by Dave DormanViews 1.4kResolution 934 × 425ThumbnailBoba Fett and the Millennium Falcon by Dave Dorman, Preliminary SketchViews 1.3kResolution 647 × 800ThumbnailStar Wars #1 Pencil Sketch Cover by Dave Dorman (2015)Views 1.3kResolution 465 × 727ThumbnailStar Wars #1 Pencil Sketch Cover by Dave Dorman (2015)Views 1.3kResolution 465 × 727ThumbnailBoba Fett by Dave Dorman, Hi-Res (But Blurry)Favorites 1Views 1.3kResolution 1033 × 1272ThumbnailBoba Fett by Dave Dorman (2016)Favorites 1Views 1.2kResolution 551 × 720ThumbnailLeadworks Comic Art Sketch Book by Dave Dorman, Boba Fett SketchViews 1.2kResolution 510 × 746ThumbnailPalpatine and Boba Fett Cover by Dave DormanViews 1.1kResolution 858 × 883Thumbnail"The Bounty Hunters" Cover by Dave Dorman (2000)Favorites 1Views 1kResolution 1065 × 1600ThumbnailHan Solo and Boba Fett by Dave DormanViews 1kResolution 739 × 1086ThumbnailChewbacca and Boba Fett by Dave DormanViews 0.9kResolution 737 × 1082ThumbnailBoba Fett by Dave DormanFavorites 1Views 883Resolution 226 × 300ThumbnailX-Men Sketch Cover with Boba Fett by Dave DormanViews 869Resolution 450 × 692Thumbnail"Dark Empire" Trade Paperback (TPB) Cover by Dave DormanViews 869Resolution 4000 × 2643ThumbnailBoba Fett by Dave Dorman (2019)Views 839Resolution 720 × 592ThumbnailChewbacca and Boba Fett by Dave DormanViews 834Resolution 737 × 1083ThumbnailSlave I and Boba Fett by Dave DormanFavorites 1Views 797Resolution 740 × 1084ThumbnailSan Diego Comic Con Painting by Dave Dorman (1995)Views 777Resolution 203 × 295ThumbnailStar Wars Sketch Cover with Boba Fett by Dave DormanViews 758Resolution 750 × 1091ThumbnailBoba Fett Sketch with AutographViews 695Resolution 1504 × 791ThumbnailBoba Fett by Dave Dorman (2021)Views 694Resolution 720 × 900ThumbnailHero Illustrated #26 Cover by Dave DormanViews 647Resolution 744 × 1087ThumbnailBoba Fett Book Insert by Dave Dorman for Hurricane Harvey Fundraiser (2017)Views 622Resolution 2448 × 3264ThumbnailBoba Fett Sketch by Dave Dorman (2018)Views 575Resolution 574 × 720ThumbnailBoba Fett on His Rancor by Dave DormanViews 247Resolution 986 × 2000Thumbnail"Boba Fett: The Original Bounty Hunter" (2022)Views 217Resolution 1350 × 2025Thumbnail"Boba Fett Was Here" by Dave Dorman (2023)Views 216Resolution 506 × 1008ThumbnailBoba Fett and Slave I by Dave DormanViews 214Resolution 524 × 800ThumbnailBoba Fett Sketch by Dave Dorman (2014)Views 198Resolution 3024 × 4032ThumbnailBoba Fett by Dave DormanViews 188Resolution 822 × 1006ThumbnailBoba Fett by Dave DormanViews 156Resolution 1552 × 2048ThumbnailYoung Jedi Knights Shards of Alderaan (Book 7)Views 127Resolution 500 × 469

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