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#300: January 4, 2015

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Check out these vibrant, custom painted #BobaFett Vans shoes by U.K. tattoo artist Hunnypiedead. She made these for her friend Matt for this last Christmas. For more from the artist, see Footnote: this marks our 300th featured shot in the last 300 days. Let us know which ones are your favorite as we head towards the next milestone.

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#58: May 7, 2014

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In Case You Missed It: Announced on #MayThe4th, #Vans laced up with #Funko to make #BobaFett and #DarthVader figures, one of which is included if you order a pair of their $60 #StarWars skate shoes. They announced several designs, including one pair of shoes called "Boba Fett Camo" and one called "Film Collage," which just features a piece of him. The shoes and freebie ship out this June.

But buyer beware: the online store handling this all notes that they randomly pick one figure or the other, and you can't request the Fett man. They've also excluded mentioning how limited the edition is. If those odds work for you, jump on over to pre-order some shoes before they run out of the limited-edition freebies at

For more about Boba Fett shoes over the years, including some kicks from Adidas and Nike, check out