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#28: April 7, 2014

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Despite some unusual observations we noticed during the last three days of online voting, #DarthVader moved on, defeating #BobaFett in the popular vote in the #ThisIsMadness2014 contest. To poke some fun at the result, we highlight the 2013 #comic, "The Assassination of Darth Vader," in which Fett and Vader duke it out. In this panel, #SlaveI has just taken out some #TIEFighters nearby the Dark Lord of the Sith.

More about the comic book in our Bounty collectibles database:


#27: April 6, 2014

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Less than 24 hours now to vote in the #FinalFour round of #ThisIsMadness2014. Spread the word. #Vote everywhere you can. And, just like this vintage print from 1979, remember #BobaFett stands above the competition.


#24: April 3, 2014

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Vote #TeamBoba right now in the final two hours of the latest matchup at #ThisIsMadness2014:

#BobaFett faces #GeneralGrievous in the "Duel of the Eights" bracket. The total vote percentage will be displayed after 10am PST today (Thursday, April 3, 2014). If Boba wins, he faces #DarthVader or #JabbaTheHutt in the "Fate of Four" bracket.