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#978: November 12, 2016

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Brian DeGuire's print features cartoon versions of "everyone's favorite bounty hunters 'collecting' their favorite toys."

He made the print for the Midwest Toy Fest, but has extra ones available on Etsy:

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#74: May 23, 2014

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In Case You Missed It: the official #StarWars site announced yesterday that Gareth Edwards ("Monsters," "Godzilla") is directing the first spin-off Star Wars film, due December 16, 2016. The screenwriter attached is Gary Whitta ("The Book of Eli," "After Earth"). No word yet if this is the rumored #BobaFett spin-off.

We created this photo mash-up, which combines a shot from "#Godzilla" that already looked as if it was Boba Fett's perspective, and digitally added it to a straight-on helmet photo, which here happens to be the Master Replicas Boba Fett helmet from 2006.

For a play-by-play of all the confirmations alongside all the rumors, see our full story at