#3637: February 23, 2024

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Official #StarWars Jedi: Survivor #BobaFett renderings by Mindwalk Studios for Electronic Arts

While sometimes Fett's "ESB" costume gets paired with his "ROTJ" blaster, art director Scott Russell shared in the new "Art Of" book for the game both a shout out to Mindwalk and a "special thanks ... to the Boba Fett costuming community," adding that "I treated this version of Boba Fett as a love letter to the costuming community"

Cheng Yu and Lars Martinsson are also given mentions in the book related to this Boba Fett work

Helmet nod to BFFC fan CobaltGreen1138 (Twitter) via MTrac1000 (Twitter) for spotting this piece on Mindwalk's ArtStation

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