#3399: June 30, 2023

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James Mangold describes (in his own words) his shelved 2018 #BobaFett film:

"I was probably making much more of a borderline rated R, single planet spaghetti Western [Boba Fett film]. … I'm not sure it ever would have happened," director James Mangold told podcaster Josh Horowitz in a new interview released yesterday

Back in 2018, The Hollywood Reporter had the scoop that the rumored "standalone" Boba Fett feature film was to be directed by Mangold, who had recently done the R-rated Wolverine film "Logan;" meanwhile, Mangold tweeted that same year that the news was "gossip," which at the time seemed to debunk the story and, in 2020, he tweeted again that the film was never announced and that he wished he made a Boba Fett film

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