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#3058: July 24, 2022

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From day 3 of #SDCC 2022, check out David Neth as "Return of the Jedi" #BobaFett (https://instagram.com/meganeth66/) with platypusoakes as Boushh (https://instagram.com/platypusoakes/) and Patrick as Din Djarin (https://instagram.com/trooperpat/); Alex F. as #CadBane, WellRoundedBill as Boba Fett (https://instagram.com/wellroundedbill/); EFX; RSVLTS; Acme Archives; and Artists' Alley artists Danny Haas, Patrick Ballesteros, Andy Carreon, and Derek Knierim. See https://bobafett.club/sdcc2022 for more info.

Each day of the con, we'll feature different finds. Stay tuned for more.

Video: Aaron Proctor (BFFC)
Music Remix: SquidNova

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