#2559: March 12, 2021

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The work done on Temuera Morrison as #BobaFett in #TheMandalorian (plus other characters) has a "Best Special Make-Up Effects" nomination in the Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylist Guild Awards next month

Samantha Ward, one of the show's makeup artists, had this trivia to share: "The creatives did not want to see typical burn scars and kept focusing on an 'acid burned bleached' quality to the skin, because of the Sarlacc's digestive acids. The final look utilized multiple pieces of Op-Site medical tape to create sections of textureless patches with highly wrinkled edges. Fourteen various scar and burn scar prosthetic transfers were placed all around Tem's head. Both Brian Sipe and Alexei Dmitriew spatter washy layers of Ghastly, Cool Tone and "Co-Oliv_Ice" (a custom mix that Brian makes of Cool Tone / Olive Adjuster / Rice Paper) tattoo paints from Skin Illustrator over the scars, and lightly over the whole head. This would reduce or kill any cheery warmth his natural skin tone had. More Cool Tone, Pastel Yellow and a Light Sienna striations were used to enhance and and create a unique quality to the scar tissued skin."

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