#1849: April 2, 2019

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#BobaFett gets referenced a lot in #TheSimpsons

At about 15 minutes into Season 30 Episode 18, which aired March 24th, this happens in the kitchen of the Simpsons family:

Lisa: You're just a mercenary!
Bart: Mercenaries are cool, like Boba Fett!
Homer: Oh, yeah, Boba Fett. Great character.
Bart: Boba Fett's bad ass. He wears a jetpack AND a cape.
Homer: Pick a lane, weirdo.
Lisa: Why does every discussion about feminism turn into an argument about Star Wars?
Homer: If Boba Fett's such a great bounty hunter, why is his armor all banged up?
Bart: Ugh. It's a look. Like distressed denim.

For more Fett references in the TV series, see https://bobafett.com/fettpedia/the-simpsons/

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