Behind the Mask Artists

John Mollo

Born: March 18, 1931
Died: October 25, 2017

Costume Designer


Made part of the "Supertrooper" costume

According to a post by Joe Johnston on Facebook, "John Mollo had designed the original suit as the super trooper army of millions, but the production couldn't afford it for "Empire Strikes Back." Therefore, Joe made Boba a singular character with the paint job he did on him, including the damaged suit and helmet."

An excerpt from "Star Wars Costumes" (2014) by Brandon Alinger: "'Norman Reynolds called me in to do the actual costume of the bounty hunter between the two Star Wars films,' Mollo says. 'We met and he showed me the model of the helmet they were making, and I went about getting the suit made.' ... Mollo drew up the soft layers of the costume, including the jumpsuit and the vest the armor would attach to, and had them created at Bermans."

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