Topic: the darkside alliance. again.

sidious: aight sucka foos! listen up dissa da blat blat dat powamajigga dog. here's a list o all da worn out jokes so far! sucka foos! uzi joke, smoothie joke(tho dat neva gets old foo!), mr.T orb joke, anythang else?

maul: not to mention robbin da smoothie shop!

darth: o da jetpack rockets! can't forget jetpack rockets!

sidious: now listen up! we gots da special guest cummin now foos!

Death: hey guys, what's up!

darth: it's my main man death! wassup homie?

Death: well, i'm going on vacation  so i can't be harvesting any souls for a while

maul: where u goin?

Death: Haiti, then maybe indonesia. a trip around the world!

Darth: so'z yu'z iz tellin me that we cant die?

Death: yup.

an awkward silence hangs over the air for a good 2 minutes.

Darth: so, uh...

maul: yeeeaaaa...

sidious: indeed

sidious draws two uzi's and shoots them at maul as he flies through the air like in the matrix yelling " AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" maul takes his lightsaber and cuts vader in half. " WHAT NOW, SUCKA FOO!?" all the while, vader is still just sipping his darkside smoothie.

Death: ya know guys, i haven't officially gone on vacation yet, i can still-

Jango burts in outta nowhere

Jango: you guys are gonna make me rich!

as he fires two simultaneous jetpack rockets at everyone and going supercommando on the whole place throwing thermals and wielding two heavy machine guns(lazers).


everyone drops to the floor except vader

Darth: oh, no! mah freinds be gettin deepsixed and i iz da only one left! what now, Mr. T orb?

Mr. T: ask again lata, FOO!


Darth: what now Mr.T orb?

Mr.T: i pity da foo dat don't rob a smoothie shop!

Darth: OK!


Darth: mmmmmm, smoothie......

oh!why'd ya slice of mah hand?!

Re: the darkside alliance. again.

LMAO. Dude, is this a drunk post????

"Next time I'll just reach over and pull somebody's head off."

Re: the darkside alliance. again.

lol. no wink

oh!why'd ya slice of mah hand?!