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In the first AVP movie, a slightly injured Yautja takes down a Queen. I think. It's been a while since I've seen it.

He severly injured it but it was the apprentace hunter that finally drown the queen.  But in the movies the armour, net and wrist blades can be destroyed by the acid blood, that is what made the Grid alien.

True about the armor, it snapped when it broke the skin of the Alien and it started to bleed all over it.  Not so sure about the wrist blades though.  I don't remember them being damaged in the first AvP *might have been; been a while since I've seen it* but in the new one the Pred. uses it to kill the PredAlien; didn't notice any damage to them there

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Re: Alien vs Predator

PREDATOR ALL THE WAY. even though the aliens come in greater numbers predators have nukes have an array of weapons and are very stylish. aliens are just stealthy and more hand-to-hand combat based.
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I liked the alien hybrid, but the rest of the movie is delayed, Alien movies were incredible, and the same film true predator, AVP, and had the opportunity to be a good movie. This idea has actually had a brilliant idea. I loved AVP one was still standing when the predator to humans. I also played the multiplayer demo and was not really satisfied with either. The controls seem crooked, and I do not know what I am doing half the time.

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