Re: Jango Fett: Ladies Man?

Haha, some of these posts are very interesting.  I think Jango and Zam would have been a cute couple.  In the comics they always seemed to have some chemistry and they almost seemed to flirt.  I think that neither one wanted to make the first move though. 

As for what Jango would get a girl as a gift.... Hmm, he seems like someone to buy either really expensive jewelry or nothing at all.  I do like the idea of the free assination, that would be to funny.  Perhaps he would bring you your ex boyfriend's head? 

Personally I agree with MossNoth that he could just look at a girl and nod.  You'd be crazy not to follow him.

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Re: Jango Fett: Ladies Man?

Something expensive... Wonder... AW! And Jango was cute for Zam. Always has been... I hate They both died. Well... I can just imagine him getting Zam flowers of some kind...

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Re: Jango Fett: Ladies Man?

Oh, yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!! I do recall him receiving a peck on the cheek from Zam at some point. And, she wasn't the only girl in his life apparently. He had an old girlfriend we were introduced to in the book The Cestus Deception, Sheeka Tull. Mind you, these two didn't break up willingly. They ended up in separate escape pods on a passenger ship that had been boarded by pirates and lost contact from that point on. But don't worry, later she met the Clone Nate (whom she named Jangotat to honor Jango) and now has a Jango bun in the oven! (Sadly, Jangotat died at the end of the book though.) I can't say for sure if Jango had ever seen Sheeka ever again, would they have stayed together... Oooh the possibilities!!!!
Anyways, back on topic: Jango is totally a ladies man!!!
I am MacheteFett and I approve this topic!!! ;-)
P.S.: Yes, I AM a JangoXZam shipper from wayyy back! ;-)

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