Re: BFFC Mel fans

although u guys scare me.. i want to be on the list twice

Re: BFFC Mel fans

BFFC-Mel wrote:
Ph34r wrote:

8. Ph34r.

Mel, does your hubby know about this forum & how ARC flirted with you?

Well I wouldn't call it flirting, more like stirring. My hubby finds it amusing, he's thinking about creating a log on just to post on this thread tongue

That might mean trouble for ARC.

P.S. Considering this a Mel-Apraissal thread, I think it only fair that we mention how Mel is pretty much queen of RPG-making. Her RPG ideas are genius; e.g. Battledome (Which I'd like to apologize (AGAIN)for screwing up, I really feel embarrased looking back), Imperial Garrison, Plague (or whatever the zombie thread was), etc.

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