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Yesterday Daniel Logan, who played Young Boba Fett in Episode II, attended the New York Comic Con with Ray Park (Darth Maul) and Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca). IGN.com reports that Logan is meeting Rick McCallum next week to discuss the live-action Star Wars TV series.

IGN.com posted an article:

New to the Star Wars universe is Daniel Logan, the actor who suited up as Boba Fett. Not at all shy of the new digital technologies in filmmaking employed by Lucas, Logan actually prefers working in front of a green screen. “I loved it,” he said. “Imagine if you were an insect in the middle of the room just completely surrounded by green screen. I used to get into trouble with my crazy imagination and here that’s all I get to do.” Logan went on to explain how he was a little disappointed that the monsters he imagined when acting in the green screen environment were scarier than the ones that made it to the screen.

Asked about how much leeway he had with the character, Logan spoke about Lucas’ direction to him. George told Daniel to inhabit the character and make him his own. “You’re Boba Fett. He’s yours, whatever you want him,” Lucas told Logan.

As for the forthcoming live action Star Wars television show, both Mayhew and Logan would love to be involved. Logan has a meeting with Rick McCallum next week and seems eager to reprise the role. Mayhew, the sage, simply smiled and said “I think he (Chewbacca) is going to be there. He needs to be there. It’s all in the lap of the gods.”

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