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The actor now has his own web site.

Jeremy Bulloch graced the web community by supporting The Boba Fett Fan Club with interviews, online chats, giveaways, exclusive content, photographs, and a personally-updated convention schedule for the last several years. During the site’s year-long hiatus in 2003, offered Jeremy his own web site and now it is available:

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  1. swfreak says:

    Go Jeremy! What’s the book he’s writing about btw?

  2. shriwantha vithana says:

    Dear Mr. Bulloch,

    I am a junior lecturer in a Sri Lankan University teaching soil science. When I was a kid, had the opportunity to watch some episodes of “sadrina project” which has fascinated me beyond explanation. I still linger the vivid memory of the lovable character you played in it and thought how good a teaching aid that was compared to other formal ways of teaching English to non native speakers like me. Still after some 10-15 years, I can remember the positive impact this program made on my English learning.

    Now as an academic teaching a science subjects, I find a lot of students having problems grasping the basics of English language skills and wish they had the chance of being shown Sadrina Project that takes English teaching beyond the class room.

    Dear Mr. Bulloch, Please let me know how I can arrange to get a copy of adrina Project (if it is posible) to be used at the University for the benefit of our Sri Lankan students.

    I am happy that I found this site today so that I can say a proper thank you to you for the significant part you played in my learning of the Queen’s language.

    I wish you good health.

    Best Regards,

    Shriwantha Vithana

  3. Kevin Vincent says:

    Happy 59th Birthday Jeremy!!

    It’s Kevin from Orlando, Florida and I hope you have an excellent birthday.

    Here’s to many more “Groucho”!!!

    Give my best to Maureen.

    Hope to talk to you soon,

  4. Carolyn K. says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I just received my copy of “Flying Solo” yesterday. Have not read it yet, of course, but looked at all the pix. (Thank you so much for the custom signing.)

  5. Doug G. Peterson says:

    I was just hoping to get a message through to Mr. Bulloch. Not the actor, but as a fellow passenger back in August of 1999. I met Mr. B. as we were waiting for a flight to London in Chicago. I had just lost my wife 6 weeks prior and we got to talking over a couple of whiskeys. I did not know who he was. He was so,kind to this grieving man. I was going over for my sister's wedding. We talked for hours and he assured me I would be alright. I did turn it around with alot of help and eventually remarried a childhood love. My life is good again. I would love to just say thanx Jeremy. Cheers Doug

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