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Some consider it tabloid, others coin it creativity. But maybe there’s some truth to Supershadow, the curator of his cumulation of Star Wars notations, claiming to be coming from the earshot of George Lucas.

Boba Fett made it in his December 13 report about Episode 3 at

Master Shadow, responding to a comment made on Saturday, Dec. 11th, in regards to the possibility of adding a scene with Boba Fett killing Mace Windu and getting his revenge, wouldn’t that mean that someone other than Sidious knows his true identity? (SuperShadow: Yeah, I guess so.)

Previously on “As they fight, just before Anakin strikes down Windu, a young Boba Fett disintegrates Windu (getting his revenge) which upsets Anakin. This would explain the “No disintegrations” lecture from Vader in The Empire Strikes Back.”

I don’t seem to grasp some people’s NEED to see Boba Fett or a young Han Solo or a young Lando, etc. Revenge of the Sith takes place, guesstimating about 3 – 4 years after Episode 2. (SuperShadow: That’s about right.) With that in mind, Boba Fett who was like 10 in Episode 2 would only be 13 – 14 in Revenge of the Sith. Most likely living somewhere being educated and training.

Hey Supes, why do the storm troopers (aka clone troopers) in the classic trilogy not have Jango Fett’s voice? (SuperShadow: Lucas has stated that not all of the storm troopers in the classic trilogy are clones of Jango Fett. By the time of the classic trilogy, the Empire has begun to use new DNA sources for the storm-trooper clones.)

Did the Jango clones become genetically unstable and become independent agents, so Palpatine chose another warrior to clone for the classic Empire troopers? (SuperShadow: No, the Clone Wars clone troopers remained stable. However, they grew old and had to be replaced with newer versions.)

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  1. therealmccoy says:

    supershadow = blowhard jerk who knows a good deal about starwars and has nothing better to do than claim he is the power behind george lucas…

    it’s sad really…

  2. Jamari Lawson says:

    lmao McCoy, its Gaidden/Volo.

    I dont really care for spoilers, i jsut want to know if Boba will be in the movie or not.

  3. FettFan235 says:

    I must say that I go to SS’s website almost everyday. (sad I know) Some of his info is pretty good but yes he does get on my nerves by saying he’s the only fan that matters to Lucas. If Lucas had just SS as his fan he wouldn’t have nearly the ammount of $$$ he does and SW wouldn’t be nearly as great. SS needs to get off his damned high horse some damned time.

  4. therealmccoy says:


    man, if you ever get the gear in SWG drop me a line bro, i’ll reactive my account just to see ya in it heh

    and SS still blows haha

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