Episode III Novelization Reveals

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With a hardcover novelization now in bookstores, Matthew Stover spelled out the screenplay of May’s blockbuster, Revenge of the Sith. So what’s written about Boba Fett?

Like other novelizations, Stover’s book was made possible through close cooperation among the author, the publisher and the filmmakers. Stover began writing the novel in the fall of 2003 and finished the following summer. Revisions were dictated both by the editing process, including a line-by-line review by Lucas, and by changes in the script itself. / Source (CNN International)

Nevertheless, after thumming through the pages, skimming for a couple of unique words…


Was there something missed? Could there be a sentence in there? Will the appearance be visual, or purely cinematographic?

boards.bobafettfanclub.com has discussed, coming to the conclusion the best bet is a walk-thru, ala Mark Austin’s portrayal of Boba Fett in A New Hope: Special Edition, alongside Jabba the Hutt in Docking Bay 94.

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  1. Shane Graybill says:

    hopefully episode 3 will give lots of background info on Boba Fett and how he came about to be the best bounty hunter ever

  2. ben says:

    either george lucas lied or changed his mind bout boba fett being in ep.3, i think fett should be at least in ep.3 like he was in special edition ep.4.

  3. matt says:

    boba fett was on “robot chicken” on adult swim (cartoon network)…he was at a sci-fi convention and joined a fight that pitted star wars against star trek…hilarious

  4. PhotoShogun says:

    Let me first say that I am a long time hard core Fett fan. Just check out my photo gallery. But, I dunno. I HOPE that Lucas isn’t going to go back on what McCallum (spelling?) said about Fett’s role in Ep3. As dissapointing as the two first prequels were (don’t get me wrong, there were many sweet parts that I enjoyed. I’m not one of those folks who just totally hates them because they aren’t what I would have done with the series), going back on your word would be even worse. I mean that’s seriously crappy. I’m still a fan, thought it’s been a rocky love/hate relationship since Ep1 came out, but promising fans somthing that they’ve been rabid about for decades and then not giving it to them is just super low. Sometimes I wonder if Lucas hates his fan who like Fett. I mean clearly the Skywalkers are what his films are really all about, and I bet it ticks him off that so many people focus so much on a character that he didn’t have much to do with and who did so little originally. He gives the Fett characters the lamest worst deaths ever. When I first saw Ep1, I could clearly see the fight between Mca and Jango coming a mile away, and I was stoked. I knew that Jago would bite it, but I thought it was going to be a kick ass battle to the finish. It had such potential! It COULD have been a great, epic memorable scene, but NO, the had to make it lame and anticlimactic. Humorous, even. Aside from ticking me off majorly, it just lame to the nth degree. I’ve heard that Samuel L. Jackson came up with that idea, but I never heard it officially. I was ready for him to die, I mean he had to! And it makes sence that it would fuel Boba’s anger to become a ruthless bounty hunter. It had such potential. But that is what I see so often lately from Lucas. Watsed potential. He COULD have added a scene to the new ROTJ, and have Fett escape the sarlacc. We all wanted it. He’s always changing and adding stuff anyway. But NO, he had to mess around wih Fett’s perfectly fine voice. NObody cared about that. Just cause he had an accent as a kid doesn’t mean he would have had to keep it, when his dad, the only other person in the movies to ever have that accent has been dead for years. GAH! Let’s nitpick about stuff that is insignificant and blow off huge cool ideas! It would be so awesome and satisfying to have Fett disintegrate Windu in the movie. It would make SO much sence. Blah blah, he’s to young. The movies were released three years apart, and they are also set three years apart. I met Daniel Logan, and he’s as tall as I am now, and I’m 21. He can and has fit in the suit. SO I don’t want to hear this he’s to young business. I’m worried that it just makes SO much sence and that we want it SO bad that he isn’t going to do it to. But I’m not going to give up hope. Just cause it isn’t in the novel, so what? Alot of things never make it into novelized versions of movies. If he’s in there, I will be tremendouly pleased. If not, I’ll be dissapointed, and a bit mad that they told us he would be, but I’ll get over it. What I’ve seen so far looks really cool and I’m excited to see what happens.

  5. PhotoShogun says:

    I just found this, and I find it most interesting. It may mean nothing, as the toy of Boba from Ep2 came with a helmet, jetpack and guns, which he unfortunately never used on screen. But it is still interesting.


  6. PhotoShogun says:

    Well, maybe this answers a bit more than I would have liked…


  7. PhotoShogun says:

    Another possible clue, from Star Wars.com on the cast of Revenge of the Sith:

    “Born in 1976, Bodie Taylor is a New Zealander of Maori descent. He has appeared in the film Te Tangata Whai Rawa O Venice, a Maori-language version of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, and on television as a warrior in the television drama “Mataku,” produced by South Pacific Pictures. He appeared in Episode II as the helmetless clone troopers, replicated by Industrial Light & Magic’s visual effects to appear as hundreds of training soldiers. He returns as a clone in Episode III.”

    As “a” clone… If I remember, that’s pretty much what they said about Daniel Logan at one point. On imdb.com, Taylor is credited as “Clonetroopers/ Stormtroopers.” Who knows? We might actually have to wait to see the movie before we know.

  8. Sabe says:

    I think Boba will just make a cameo appearence in Ep. 3.

  9. Matt says:

    Yeah….I sorta got the comic book early (know the guy at the store) and Boba’s not in it at all. :(

  10. DCLXVI says:

    At most, Boba will have a small cameo appearence, maybe in the background on Coruscant. I have the NOVELIZATION, and the ILLUSTRATED SCREENPLAY, and he is not mentioned once in either.
    I have been a Boba Fett Fan since ESB first came out, (yes I’m that old), but I wouldn’t have liked it if they wen’t back and put Boba in the SE: DVD, climbing out of the Sarlaac. I prefer the story told in TALES OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS, (but not the K.W. Jeter form, because those books sucked).
    At most, Lucas should have realized that Boba had a pretty big Fan-Base back in ’84, and he shouldn’t have killed him off so easily. Same with Jango.
    But oh well. Personally, I wish Lucas hadn’t gone back and changed so many things for the DVD’s – the Emperor had to be changed from the SE: VHS, and maybe some of the explosions, (which they didn’t fix), but that’s it.
    Oh well. Wishful thinking.

  11. andy says:

    I Agree young Boba Fett should be in Episode III He has to have a hand in takin out Mace, I agree with photo shogun Fett isnt to young to get involved after all if a young Anakin can pilot a star fighter and destroy a command ship and loads of battle droids in Episode I why cant a young boba who has the skills his father has so far shown him get revenge.

  12. PhotoShogun says:

    Yeah, one of my friends got ahold of a screenplay somehow, and he said the same thing. Which sucks, especially considering what McCallum and Lucas told us. Ugh. Losing touch with fans is quite different from out and out failure to do what they say they will. That really bothers me. But about the sarlaac thing, I don’t really care if it’s put in or not, I’m just saying that it would have made more sence to put time and money into that than into changing his voice. Did you mean the story from Tales of Jabba’s Palace where he blows himself out of the sarlaac and Dengar finds him? I get those Tales books mixed up all the time. And yeah, that is an awesome story. I really liked how that alien who fell in the sarlaac feeds on the minds of the sarlaac’s victim’s while the sarlaac digests their bodies. That was a cool twist. I dunno, I liked the Jeter books. The Assembler was a really neat character, I thought. And that guy with the machine gun where his head used to be. I can’t remember his name. They weren’t great literature, but they were fun. I liked them better than what Lucas wrote for the Fetts.

    andy: That’s a great point about Anakin. I’m sorry, even with all the midiclorians in the galaxy, I still think it’s ridiculous that that twerp built C-3po and a podracer that he pilots as well as a star fighter. With all of those gifts, you’d think he wouldn’t have turned out to be such a douchebag. I guess he should have had an Uncle Ben. And I don’t mean Ben Kenobi.

  13. matt says:

    yeah, my friend got a hold of a screenplay too…”my friends” are magical creatures

  14. matt says:

    dark horse??? as in dark horse comics??? dark horse comic books??? OMG!!!1!!!! ROFL!!!!!!11!

    i am so psyched for you, pal

  15. PhotoShogun says:

    matt: Yours too? The magical powers of the friend I mentioned are knowing folks at Dark Horse.

  16. bob says:

    well, stover left out Chewbacca too, so there is a chance he left Boba out as well.

  17. DCLXVI says:

    I forgot that he left poor Chewie out….
    PhotoShogun> Yeah, the story from TALES where Dengar finds him. ;)
    I didn’t like the Jeter stories because they distorted the versions established in TALES OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS.

  18. Devin says:

    I’ve also heard something from one of my friends who is also a dedicated Boba Fett fan. He told me that around ten years, after the realease of episode three, a complete series of Boba Fett’s life would be put together in a movie. I swore I almost crapped my pants when I heard this, I just hope that if it is true, Lucas won’t die before then.

  19. DCLXVI/John says:

    No offense, but why would they do that?
    They wouldn’t.

  20. PhotoShogun says:

    Matt, I wasn’t trying to sound cool or anything, I was just playing along with your joke. Take a pill buddy. This is forum is for discussing Boba Fett, not for being a sarcastic jerk to strangers just because you can. Lets all just be geeky and play nice.

  21. matt says:


  22. Robyn says:

    i bought the book, and boba is not mentioned at all…BUT!!! they mention jango fett’s name once.

  23. cooper says:

    well i got news idk if anyone addressed it, but fett doesn’ help take out Mace. Igot the comics and so far i havent seen boba, although i only have 3 out of 4. Palpatine throws Mace ut the wondow, and i haven’t heard anythin about Fett, although the comics just skim the movie sortof….

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