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Daniel Logan has not been officially added to the cast but LucasFilm has authorized him to appear as the bounty hunter.

LucasFilm have apparently decided to allow young New Zealand star Daniel Logan to be pictured in Boba Fett’s armor in a series of photographs.

The pictures of Logan in the fan-made suit are making waves on the internet and rumors have surfaced that he either will appear in Episode III as Boba Fett once again or that he was allowed to take these photographs to just have material to sign at conventions for Star Wars fans.

The truth is not completely known yet but this could mean Daniel Logan will appear in Episode III.

According to one fan who apparently spoke with producer Rick McCallum on this topic… “Well, remember what Obi-Wan learned on Kamino. Jango didn’t want Boba to be artificially aged like the other clones, but whose to say that Boba wouldn’t do it himself, in order to become strong enough to seek his revenge.” McCallum concluded, “Well, I’d say that he’s in enough to be considered influential and important to the story, but he doesn’t have the same kind of role that Jango had, being a direct agent of Dooku,” and ended with “I probably shouldn’t say much more, but you’ll find that he bears a sort of resentment to him.”


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  1. chris ezell says:

    How Imake Boba Fetts armor jumpsuit and jetpack

  2. Boba's Greatest Fan says:

    I just want to say I hope he is in the movie to make a really cool appearance. My buddies and I have been hoping for Boba to be in the movie for quite a while. Let’s just hope everything goes well in Episode III.

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