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How Old is Boba Fett?

While we can approximate Boba Fett's age in non-canon timelines, how old is Boba Fett canonically and has it changed...


Canonically, he's 10 in "Clones," 35 in "Empire," and 36 in "Jedi"

Last revised August 22, 2016. Please continue reading for all the facts versus the fiction.

While we can approximate Boba Fett's age in non-canon timelines, how old is Boba Fett canonically and has it changed over the years?

In the canon timeline, we know Boba Fett born in 22 BBY ("The Phantom Menace"), so he's 10 in "Attack of the Clones," 13 in "Revenge of the Sith," 32 in "Star Wars," 35 in "The Empire Strikes Back," and 36 in "Return of the Jedi." If he was in "The Force Awakens," he would have been 66.

But where is this knowledge published in official documentation? That's our quest with this page -- to document the bounty hunter's age.

This exclusive "Fett Fact Check" is our own repository of what we learn, when we learn it. We're both logging and analyzing Boba Fett-specific canon, unknown, and non-canon -- each with date and original attribution. Below are our findings, sorted from newest to oldest:

  • 1997

    Sci-Fi Invasion! #2: "Age: Unknown" ... unknown

  • 1980

    Topps The Empire Strikes Back Series 1 #11 Star File - Boba Fett: "Age: 43" ... non-canon

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