Behind the Mask Executives

Robert Watts

Age: 85
Born: May 23, 1938

Associate Producer for "Empire," half brother of Jeremy Bulloch who helped him get the audition


Associate Producer

Introduced his half-brother, Jeremy Bulloch, to the role:

"The first time I ever saw the costume, it wasn't Boba Fett. It was completely white. He was going to be a 'super stormtrooper.' [Assistant Film Editor] Duwayne Dunham modeled it so we could all have a look at it, but the suit didn't quite fit. At that point I'd never managed to give [my half-brother] Jeremy a job on film. So I rang him up and said 'If the suit fits, the part's yours.' He came in and it fit." -- Star Wars Insider #101 (May/June 2008)

Since Duwayne Dunham was apparently too tall, he gave Jeremy Bulloch a call to try out for the role.

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