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Rick McCallum

Age: 69
Born: August 22, 1954

Prequel Producer and Prior Lucasfilm Head of Fan Relations


Quotes about Boba Fett

Star Wars Live-Action TV

"Rick McCallum told fans [in 2007] in France, at this last weekend's Star Wars Reunion 2 event, that Fett is in and Daniel Logan (Young Boba Fett, Attack of the Clones) is his choice for the part." -- BFFC News


Star Wars producer Rick McCallum has confirmed that bounty hunter extraordinaire Boba Fett will return in the third prequel of the massively popular sci-fi saga. Talking to the New York Post ahead of the release of Episode II: Attack Of The Clones, McCallum promised that the audience will get to understand why Fett sides with the evil Empire in later life. "You'll get to understand the relentlessness that Boba has, here, and especially in Episode III, you'll understand why he's so obsessed with destroying any part of the Skywalker family," McCallum promised. -- New York Post (May 2002)

Wasn't Considered Major

"As many fans know, when it comes to Star Wars knowledge, there are degrees of "canon." The only true canon are the films themselves. For years, Lucas Books has stayed clear of characters, events, or the timeframe that George might want to deal with in the Star Wars prequels. While such things as the Clone Wars, the fall of the Jedi, and Palpatine's rise to power were on that list, Boba Fett wasn't considered to be of major concern. But like any great storyteller, George starts to develop a script and it sometimes takes on a life of its own, with characters coming to life and demanding a say. He has told us that Boba Fett will have a role in Episode II--just as Fett first appeared in the second film of the classic trilogy--so we may finally learn the bounty hunter's true genesis. As for whether Fett really survived his descent into the cavernous maw of the Sarlacc in Return of the Jedi...what do you think?" -- "Are we going to get more details about Boba Fett's past?", 4/00

For Popularity?

Boba Fett is such a popular character. Did George decide to put him into Episode II because of that? "No, George would never do it for popular reasons. There's a real story point for Boba Fett and that's why he's going to appear in the second film." -- Star Wars Insider #39

Episode III

Fan #18: This is for Rick McCallum. I wanted to know if you're going to go into the backstory of the Fett family anymore? RC: Yes. Yes we do, not to a large degree, but you will see a connection. That was obtuse wasn't it? -- Star Wars Hyperspace Chat with Hayden Christensen, Steve Sansweet, and Rick McCallum (2004)

Definitely In Episode II

"He (Boba Fett) is definitely going to play a part in Episode 2. There's not much else I can tell you about Episode 2, since George will not sit down to start writing it until this summer." -- Star Wars Insider #39


"George has promised me he will be there, that's all I can say for the moment." -- TalkCity Chat re: fans asking about Boba Fett in Episode 2


Q: Did George Lucas intend for Boba Fett to die in the sarlacc, despite what others may say or print? / A: "Yes, in George's view -- as far as the films go -- the baddest bounty hunter in the Galaxy met his match in the Great Pit of Carkoon where --unfortunately for Mr. Fett -- the ghastly sarlacc made its home. However, Lucas also approved Fett's comeback in the expanded universe. And of course, by going back in time with the prequels, the Star Wars creator has brought Boba Fett back to life himself, albeit at a much younger age." -- "Does Lucas Consider Boba Dead?",, 12/2002

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