Hot Wheels Star Wars Prototype Boba Fett (Celebration Europe 2016 Exclusive)

2016  |  Mattel

Hot Wheels Prototype Boba Fett, Carded (Celebration...
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Hot Wheels Prototype Boba Fett (Celebration Europe...
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Hot Wheels Prototype Armor Boba Fett (2016)
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Revealed early on the official Star Wars Celebration website in this sentence: "Attendees will also vote for next year's Hot Wheels Star Wars Celebration exclusive car to follow up this year's Prototype Armour Boba Fett."

Back of the packaging:

Star Wars fans know Boba Fett as the infamous galactic bount hunter shielded by his iconic Mandalorian armor. But back in 1978, a test video unveiled to Lucasfilm Insiders the character with a very different look - Fett was revealed to be a "super trooper" wearing a sleek, all-white suit. Although this initial concept evolved into the colorful costume he wears in The Empire Strikes Back, series enthusiasts continue to hold Boba Fett's prototype armor in high regard.

To commemmorate the early concept art designed by Ralph McQuarrie and Joe Johnston, Hot Wheels created an all-white rat rod with themerciless determination and advanced technology of Boba Fett. Complete with two turbo engines, a rear jet pack and several of the bounty hunter's weapons extending from the hood, this heavily-armored machine never veers off track while pursuing its next target.

The copyright on the back says 2014. This figure was definitely not released then; it's July 2016.

Designed by Bryan Benedict. In a press release for Star Wars Celebration Europe, he had the following quotes:

"I am a huge fan of Star Wars, so to get the opportunity to recreate classic characters as part of my job is a huge honour," said Bryan Benedict, Senior Hot Wheels Designer. "I am excited to be amongst the fans and to unveil our exclusive Boba Fett car that I designed as a rat rod, because to me Boba Fett is basically a walking rat rod — with his banged up helmet and cool attitude. But this is a rat rod with super-advanced technology, and, in the case of our Celebration exclusive, hes been given a pristine white paint scheme to match the prototype armour."

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