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1980Free Boba Fett Promo, card front sticker (1978)
Boba Fett with Mailer BoxBoba Fett with Mailer Box
Kenner  |  1980  |  4 Photos
The mail-away Boba Fett came in a plastic bag with...

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1979Star Wars Villain Set 2
Star Wars Villain SetStar Wars Villain Set
Kenner  |  1979  |  2 Photos
Included Boba Fett, a "Sand People," and "Snaggle Tooth." Re-made...

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1979Star Wars Special 9 Mini-Figure Set
Star Wars Special 9 Mini-Figure SetStar Wars Special 9 Mini-Figure Set
Kenner  |  1979  |  1 Photo
Released in Canada and France. Included X-Wing Luke...

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1979Rocket-firing Prototype Boba Fett Mail-Away Figures from Steve Sansweet's Collection
Rocket Firing Boba Fett PrototypeRocket Firing Boba Fett Prototype
Kenner  |  1979  |  7 Photos
Rumor has it that only 100 of these were made, and...
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1979Kenner Mini Action Figure Case (1979)
Star Wars Mini-Action Figure Collectors CaseStar Wars Mini-Action Figure Collector's Case
Kenner  |  1979  |  4 Photos
Initially featured a photo of a very early "kitbashed"...
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1979Kenner "Free Boba Fett" Figure Apology Postcard (1979)
Kenner Free Boba Fett Figure Apology PostcardKenner "Free Boba Fett" Figure Apology Postcard
Maple Plain Company  |  1979  |  1 Photo
The postcard shared the following: Dear Kenner Customer, We...

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1979Large Size Boba Fett Action Figure, "Star Wars" Box (1979)
Boba Fett Large Size Action Figure in Star Wars BoxBoba Fett Large Size Action Figure in "Star Wars" Box
Kenner  |  1979  |  4 Photos  |  1 Merchant
Boxed: $500-1700, depending on box quality. Loose:...

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1979Loose Boba Fett, Hong Kong Version, Front (1979)
Kenner Boba FettKenner Boba Fett
Kenner  |  1979  |  4 Photos  |  1 Merchant  |  5 variants (BETA)
Between 1979 and 1983, the same mold for the figure...
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1979"Star Wars" Boba Fett, with Gauntlet Firing Cardback Artwork (1978)
Star Wars 21-Back Boba FettStar Wars 21-Back Boba Fett
Kenner  |  1979  |  4 Photos  |  1 Merchant
Boba Fett was the 21st toy photo released in the Star...

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1978Free Boba Fett Promo, card back detail (1978)
Free Boba Fett Offer on Card (Front and Back)"Free Boba Fett" Offer on Card (Front and Back)
Kenner  |  1978  |  5 Photos
Shown on select vintage Kenner carded action figures,...

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