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Star Wars Mini-Action Figure Collector's Case

1979  |  Kenner

Kenner Mini Action Figure Case (1979)
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Star Wars Mini Action Figure Case, Replacement Boba...
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Star Wars Mini Action Figure Case, Replacement Boba...
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Star Wars Mini Action Figure Case, Front
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Initially featured a photo of a very early "kitbashed" Boba Fett figure, which was later replaced with the final look for the figure.

Copyright date on the front says 1977.

Overview by Hake's Auction House about the kit bashed version:

This is first "Star Wars" action figure carrying case, issued in 1979 by Kenner. Vinyl-covered case measures 8.75x12x3" deep and has plastic carry handle. Complete w/unused name label sheet and Kenner insert catalog (which shows some scattered wear). Missing clear cellophane band but complete w/label on back of case, which shows aging/wear but o/w case remains free of any cracks/splits. Some lt. aging to exterior/interior. VF/Exc. This is first version w/8-1/8x11-5/8" double-sided cardstock insert featuring photos of 24 figures as well the "Kit Bashed" Boba Fett prototype action figure. This prototype was a composite of several other body parts from the 20 figures existing at that time. Modifying materials at hand and combining them (often referred to as "kit-bashing") was apparently a common practice at Kenner, as we have seen it employed in several other prototypes of the time. Aside from aiding the designers in hashing out the particulars of a figure's appearance, this technique might also have served as a way of filling vacancies in photographic material (such as advertisements) during the time in which various figures were still in early design stages. Having gotten a late start, Kenner was quickly working to keep up w/the booming Star Wars craze. Boba Fett's popularity made it vital to produce a figure and graphic representation was needed. This situation was likely hampered by late finalization by Lucasfilm of the particulars of Boba Fett's film costume. The design featured here never came to fruition and required that these inserts, along w/other advertisement using these photos, be pulled. Insert has some handling wear w/some creases and small edge tears. Fine overall. Despite condition issues, it would make a fabulous addition to any Star Wars collection due to the overall rarity of the piece.

Overview by Hake's Auction House about the revised version:

This is also first issue carrying case from 1979, though as issued w/insert featuring image of the revised Boba Fett figure, which was more faithful to the character's on-screen appearance. Complete w/unused name label sheet, Kenner insert catalog and clear cellophane w/label. Cellophane band has split and has been repaired w/clear tape, allowing case to be displayed as still sealed. Case remains free of any cracks/splits and has some lt. aging to exterior. VF/Exc. Insert sheet has some lt. edge wear but is o/w Exc.

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