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1981Dixie Cups Box (1981)
Kitchen and Food Items
Empire Boba Fett Dixie Cups and Box"Empire" Boba Fett Dixie Cups and Box
Credit Dixie 1981Image(s) 3 PhotosDescription Variant packaging includes "The Empire Strikes Back"...
2465 2,465 hits
1981Palitoy Bounty Hunter Capture Log, Front Variants (1981)
Empire Bounty Hunter Capture Log Leaflet"Empire" Bounty Hunter Capture Log Leaflet
Credit Palitoy 1981Image(s) 2 PhotosMerchant(s) 1 MerchantDescription U.K. only. Inside of the leaflet includes the following...
1437 1,437 hits
1981"Empire" Birthday Party Hat (1981)
Kitchen and Food Items
The Empire Strikes Back Birthday Party Set"The Empire Strikes Back" Birthday Party Set
Credit Drawing Board Greeting Cards 1981Image(s) 2 PhotosDescription Party hats and plates featuring Boba Fett and Darth...
2431 2,431 hits
1981Famous Monsters #177 (1981)
Famous Monsters #177Famous Monsters #177
Credit Monsters Ink, LLC 1981Image(s) 1 PhotoMerchant(s) 1 MerchantDescription Interview with Boba Fett (Jeremy Bulloch) highlighted...
1514 1,514 hits
1981Marvel Star Wars #44: "Duel a Dark Lord"
Marvel Star Wars #44: Duel a Dark LordMarvel Star Wars #44: "Duel a Dark Lord"
Credit Marvel 1981Image(s) 5 PhotosMerchant(s) 2 MerchantsDescription Features several frames of Boba Fett in the Cloud City...
1630 1,630 hits
1981Starlog #50
Starlog #50Starlog #50
Credit TBD 1981Image(s) 1 PhotoMerchant(s) 2 MerchantsDescription First interview with Jeremy Bulloch. Excerpt: Most...
4000 4,000 hits
1981Drawing Board Greeting Cards Cups (1981)
Kitchen and Food Items
Boba Fett CupsBoba Fett Cups
1292 1,292 hits
1981Boba Fett Mug (1981)
Kitchen and Food Items
Boba Fett MugBoba Fett Mug
Credit TBD 1981Image(s) 1 PhotoDescription * Made by Sigma * Part of a set of four * Features...
3945 3,945 hits
1981Boba Fett Placemat (1981)
Kitchen and Food Items
Boba Fett Vinyl PlacematBoba Fett Vinyl Placemat
Credit Sigma 1981Image(s) 1 PhotoDescription 11" x 17". Part of a set of four scenes from "Empire."...
2359 2,359 hits
1981No Image YetThe Empire Strikes Back (1980-1982) (Kenner)
Cloud City Playset (Sears Exclusive)Cloud City Playset (Sears Exclusive)
Credit Kenner 1981Description The set came with four action figures. Only the Canadian...
1148 1,148 hits
1981Movie Monsters Fall 1981
Movie Monsters Fall 1981Movie Monsters Fall 1981
Credit TBD 1981Image(s) 1 Photo
49 49 hits
1981The Empire Strikes Back Perk-Ups Stickers
The Empire Strikes Back Perk-Ups StickersThe Empire Strikes Back Perk-Ups Stickers
Credit Drawing Board 1981Image(s) 2 PhotosDescription 3 sheets of self-adhesive stickers.
74 74 hits
1981Slave I Vehicle (1982)
The Empire Strikes Back (1980-1982) (Kenner)
Slave I (Boba Fetts Spaceship)Slave I (Boba Fett's Spaceship)
Credit Kenner 1981Image(s) 6 PhotosMerchant(s) 1 MerchantDescription Approximately 12" long. Removable wings and ramp. Adjustable...
5 / 5 with 1 vote cast
3441 3,441 hits