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1978Free Boba Fett Promo, card back detail (1978)
Star Wars (1978-1979) (Kenner)
Free Boba Fett Offer on Card (Front and Back)"Free Boba Fett" Offer on Card (Front and Back)
Kenner  |  1978  |  5 Photos
Shown on select vintage Kenner carded action figures,...

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1978Ben Cooper "Star Wars" Boba Fett Costume and Mask (1977)
Costumes and Masks
Ben Cooper Star Wars Boba Fett Costume and MaskBen Cooper "Star Wars" Boba Fett Costume and Mask
Ben Cooper  |  1978  |  3 Photos  |  1 Merchant
While the copyright date on box says 1977, it's more...

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1978Black Falcon Ltd. Boba Fett Photo
Black Falcon Ltd. Boba Fett PhotoBlack Falcon Ltd. Boba Fett Photo
Black Falcon Ltd.  |  1978  |  3 Photos  |  1 Merchant
Often autographed by a touring Boba Fett in costume,...

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1978Boba Fett with Chewbacca and C-3PO
Movies and Television
Star Wars Holiday Special The Story of the Faithful WookieeStar Wars Holiday Special "The Story of the Faithful Wookiee"
Nelvana Studios  |  1978  |  1 Photo  |  1 Merchant
November 17th marked the animated debut of Boba Fett. CBS.
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