Star Wars Holiday Special "The Story of the Faithful Wookiee"

1978  |  Nelvana Studios

Boba Fett with Chewbacca and C-3PO
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November 17th marked the animated debut of Boba Fett, well before his debut on the bigger screen in “The Empire Strikes Back.”

Aired once on CBS.

For decades, just bootlegged on VHS and then YouTube.

Called “A Wookie Holiday” on the Kenner mail-away Boba Fett notice.

Officially included on the "Complete Saga" Blu-ray.

Available on Disney+ as of April 2, 2021.


"You are alone. Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett." — Boba Fett to Luke SkywalkerMore Info
"The ship you seek is nearby." — Boba Fett to Luke SkywalkerMore Info
"They are here, friend. And growing more powerful." — Boba Fett to Luke Skywalker about The EmpireMore Info
"Settle down! All they do is eat." — Boba Fett about Ichthyodont (Panna Dragon)More Info
"You are foolish to waste your kindness on this dumb creature. No lower life form is worth going hungry for."
Boba Fett
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"I take it you have no love of the Empire."
Boba Fett
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"Well neither do I." — Boba FettMore Info
"It will be easy to find the ship you seek. Follow me, friend." — Boba FettMore Info
"What did he do to Luke?" — Boba FettMore Info
"I know this sleeping virus the Empire uses on its enemies. They have a remedy for it in the city." — Boba FettMore Info
"I could get some for you." — Boba FettMore Info
"You'll only get in the way! But if you must, come on."
Boba Fett
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"You will stay here... while I get the serum." — Boba Fett to ChewbaccaMore Info
"I said stay, friend. Luke trusted me and I'm your only chance of getting out of here alive." — Boba FettMore Info
"Do you understand me?" — Boba FettMore Info
"I have made contact with the Rebels and all is proceeding as you wished, Darth Vader." — Boba Fett to Darth VaderMore Info
"This time we'll get them all." — Boba FettMore Info
"I have the serum. We must leave quickly, friend." — Boba FettMore Info
"Are you all right?" — Boba FettMore Info
"We'll meet again, friend." — Boba FettMore Info

NEW Important Dates

  • November 17th 1978: "Star Wars Holiday Special" Premiered

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