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The Vintage Collection Boba Fett (Return of the Jedi)
2021 • The Vintage Collection (2010-Present)

Avatar CorrellianJoe_92 rated this item and wrote this review on November 9, 2021:

This is possibly the best Fett figure that isn't a high end collectible. Bar the print run error that didn't include the bars on the chest plate, the sculpting is so so sharp and the detailing is just incredible. I can't wait to see how the post-ROTJ Fett TVC figures turn out!

Star Wars: Visual Dictionary
1998 • Guidebooks and Activity Books

Avatar CorrellianJoe_92 rated this item and wrote this review on December 9, 2020:

This is the book that, basically, started it all. I poured over this obsessively, drinking in every detail. Not only did it spark my love for Visual Dictionaries, Ultimate Guides and other similar source books - not to mention and absolute LOVE of world-building - but it started the Fett thing for me as well.

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