Top 100 BFFC members with the most owned Fett collectibles

1Avatar DashRendar21351
2Avatar Honeybadgers1024
3Avatar Sadriel_Fett825
4Avatar Mzills705
5Avatar AvengingSon631
6Avatar BDone453
8Avatar Joec1986427
9Avatar Starwarsnerd574409
10Avatar shobs348
11Avatar e_money_1984328
12Avatar bobafettish23313
13Avatar scasanov299
14Avatar Darth-Tequila289
15Avatar RichiVizsla269
16Avatar DocWatki266
17Avatar MDFETT261
18Avatar boba fett81259
19Avatar mrtkdau258
20Avatar Wookiee71249
21Avatar saturniid247
22Avatar BFFC Admin231
23Avatar Igenix226
24Avatar ThisIsTheWay23214
25Avatar Anmera212
26Avatar Smootdog85211
27Avatar BoBtheFeTt202
28Avatar FettFan1400201
29Avatar Unbourne183
30Avatar 9th Archer179
31Avatar jaazzman172
32Avatar Hunter74167
33Avatar ometzler166
34Avatar t8805157
35Avatar rdjmchris152
36Avatar PresidentJuggernaut148
37Avatar Xinhofett144
38Avatar Fettnet144
39Avatar curse1331143
40Avatar charlesfunari134
41Avatar bobakraski134
42Avatar Hhao131
43Avatar covermeporkins131
44Avatar Jedinate10122
45Avatar Roba Fett 76121
46Avatar Dutch116
47Avatar 1MoreVod116
48Avatar MacheteFett108
49Avatar JediJJS108
50Avatar shaggytronico105
51Avatar Bonzai69104
52Avatar 30denari103
53Avatar Chook101
54Avatar bobaphat7199
55Avatar 3L_J3F397
56Avatar EvilleMikeD97
57Avatar sctprk90
58Avatar Faboeuf90
59Avatar McHale26289
60Avatar DarthOmega86
61Avatar BoondockSaintJ86
62Avatar fantastic_fett86
63Avatar Androo85
64Avatar Kpn113883
65Avatar sauciere7883
66Avatar Lareau6782
67Avatar The Bruce Man81
68Avatar ChrizzleFett80
69Avatar JMFMetallicat80
70Avatar The Real McCoy79
71Avatar bobamilktea77
72Avatar DarthBisduk76
73Avatar 88JasterMereel75
74Avatar StuRocket73
75Avatar pardy70
76Avatar JamoFett69
77Avatar 141n69
78Avatar Borja Fett69
79Avatar Dink67
80Avatar StarWarsSky67
81Avatar taylor-dl67
82Avatar Boba3966
83Avatar Benefett65
84Avatar RexFett64
85Avatar JFizz2864
86Avatar gary_cole63
87Avatar merchandise63
88Avatar GreyFox13362
89Avatar ZorRax61
90Avatar coachvick60
91Avatar JurassicFett60
92Avatar WhyItMatterz59
93Avatar BizFett58
94Avatar Tagren58
95Avatar Woodysalaskan57
96Avatar BobaFettTea57
97Avatar Kiakahi56
98Avatar atito1055
99Avatar Sharpy55
100Avatar CROWLISS54
* Based on usage of BFFC's "My Bounty" via self reporting

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