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Star Wars: Visual Dictionary
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Useful breakdown of costumes and props in the film, including Boba Fett's armor and jetpack.

Originally published October 5, 1998. Re-printed multiple times, including under a slightly different title, "The Visual Dictionary of Star Wars, Episodes IV, V, & VI: The Ultimate Guide to Star Wars Characters and Creatures" dated October 22, 1998.

Written by David West Reynolds, who also wore the Boba Fett costume for the photos in the book! (Helmet nod to Steven Coleman for signal boosting this info.)


From the publisher:

The Visual Dictionary is the essential guide to Star Wars. DK's renowned Eyewitness style brings the characters, costumes, droids, and gadgetry of the Star Wars universe to life in astonishing visual detail. Highly defined, annotated photography shows and explains the culture, background, and technology of the Star Wars trilogy. Fans of all ages will enjoy detailed revelations of Star Wars secrets like how a Stormtrooper's equipment works, what the insides of a light saber look like, and what Sand People keep in their bandoliers. A visual glossary explains all the technical terms used in the trilogy. Together with Star Wars: Incredible Cross-Sections, these books comprises the definitive classic Star Wars reference library.

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  • Avatar CorrellianJoe_92 rated this and wrote this review on December 9, 2020:

    This is the book that, basically, started it all. I poured over this obsessively, drinking in every detail. Not only did it spark my love for Visual Dictionaries, Ultimate Guides and other similar source books - not to mention and absolute LOVE of world-building - but it started the Fett thing for me as well.


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