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Boba Fett Electronics

4 Records

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2016Mighty Minis Boba Fett Portable Charger (2016)
Mighty Minis Boba Fett Portable ChargerMighty Minis Boba Fett Portable Charger
Credit ThinkGeek 2016Image(s) 1 PhotoMerchant(s) 2 MerchantsDescription From a distributor: Power up your phone with this...
819 819 hits
2016FoundMi Boba Fett Bluetooth Tracking Tag, Front
FoundMi Boba Fett Bluetooth Tracking Key ChainFoundMi Boba Fett Bluetooth Tracking Key Chain
Credit FoundMi 2016Image(s) 3 PhotosMerchant(s) 1 MerchantDescription Tag for locating something later with your smart phone. This...
1245 1,245 hits
2015iHome Star Wars Boba Fett Bluetooth Rechargeable Speaker (2015)
Boba Fett Bluetooth SpeakerBoba Fett Bluetooth Speaker
Credit iHome 2015Image(s) 1 PhotoMerchant(s) 1 MerchantDescription Retails for $30. Rechargeable.
1756 1,756 hits
2015Boba Fett Earloomz Bluetooth Headset (2015)
Boba Fett Bluetooth HeadsetBoba Fett Bluetooth Headset
Credit Earloomz / Underground Toys 2015Image(s) 1 PhotoDescription Retails for $65.
1175 1,175 hits

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