Star Wars Insider #197

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Star Wars Insider #197
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Boba Fett is on the newsstand cover.

Postponed until September 22, 2020. We confirmed this with the publisher. (TFAW and Previews list September 30, but they're secondary to the publisher's email reply to our inquiry after September 1 came and went with no release.)

Due to the pandemic, it was originally scheduled to arrive May 27, then it was July 29, and then it was September 1 (according to a belated statement on the magazine's Facebook page).

Featuring a rare "Pre Pro #2" photo on the cover.

Solicitation copy:

Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in style, with a host of exclusive interviews and fascinating features.
This edition of Insider features:
* An interview with actor Kenneth Coley [ADMIRAL PIETT], who played Darth Vader's right-hand man
* An EXCLUSIVE TOUR of London's famous Elstree Studios, where THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK was filmed.
* face-to face with to BB-8 PUPPETEERS Bryan Herring and Dave Chapman,
* Actor Mark Lewis Jones (First Order Captain Moden in THE LAST JEDI).


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