Star Wars Insider #117
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Star Wars Insider #117 (Daniel Logan interview)
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Star Wars Insider #117, Comic Store Exclusive Cover...
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Star Wars Insider #117, Subscriber Cover (2010)
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Star Wars Insider #117 (Leeland Y. Chee history of...
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Star Wars Insider #117
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Star Wars Insider #117
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Star Wars Insider #117
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Features several Boba Fett articles including:

* a one-page interview with Jeremy Bulloch
* a multi-page interview with Daniel Logan about his role as Young Boba Fett in The Clone Wars animated series
* a multi-page article by Leeland Y. Chee on Boba Fett and his history

From the Star Wars Insider email blast:

The latest issue of Star Wars Insider marks Boba Fett's sensational return to the saga in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Voice actor Daniel Logan chats exclusively about lending his voice to one of Star Wars' most popular characters. Plus, we track the history of the ruthless bounty hunter in a special profile.

Excerpt of Chee's retrospective:

The tangled past of Boba Fett is a striking example of just how messy Star Wars Expanded University continuity can get. His early life remained a mystery until the mid-1990s, when clues to his past as a Journeyman Protector from Concord Dawn became his official back-story for a time. But when Episode II revealed Boba Fett as the unaltered clone of a bounty hunter named Jango Fett, his past had to be completely rewritten. In celebration of Boba Fett's appearance in The Clone Wars animated series, Insider takes a look back at over 30 years of Boba Fett's ever changing history.

Timeline includes:

* November 1978: The Star Wars Holiday Special
* 1979: Kenner mail-away
* May 1980: The Empire Strikes Back
* June 1980: "The Frozen World of Ota"
* February 1983: Star Wars #68
* September 1985: Droids "A Race to the Finish"
* November 1994: Star Wars Galaxy trading card by Dan Brereton
* November 1995: Essential Guide to Characters
* December 1996: Tales of the Bounty Hunters
* January/February 1997: Star Wars: A New Hope and Return of the Jedi Special Editions
* April 1997: Shadows of the Empire
* March 1998: Rebel Dawn
* July 1998: The Mandalorian Armor
* April 1999: Boba Fett: Enemy of the Empire
* 1999-2002: Jango Fett: Open Seasons
* December 2000: Star Wars Underworld
* March 2001: Star Wars Tales #7
* March 2002: Jango Fett and Zam Wesell one-shots
* April 2002: Boba Fett: The Fight to Survive
* May 2002: Attack of the Clones
* August 2002: Infinities: The Empire Strikes Back #2
* January 2003: Star Wars Empire #4: "Betrayal"
* April/May 2003: Episode II Adventures #4 and #5
* April/July 2005: Last of the Jedi #1 and #2
* July 2009: The Art of Star Wars: The Clone Wars


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