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Star Wars Monthly #170 (UK)


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Boba Fett is featured on the cover.

Cover art by "Jolly" John Higgins.

From a summary by Mark Newbold on StarWars.com:

June 1983 and Higgins returns with a striking Boba Fett cover, standing in front of a carbonite block holding an unknown character captive. This issue reprinted the classic story, "The Stenax Shuffle," from the US issue 70. Written by Mary Jo Duffy (who I interviewed in episode 6 and episode 7 of RADIO 1138) and drawn by Kerry Gammill and Tom Palmer, this took us back to a time shortly after Solo and Skywalker joined the Rebellion, when they visited the world of Stenos and came across Rik Duel and the Zeltron Dani. Our heroes return years later is under questionable circumstances, not knowing if they'll be welcome.

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