Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection, Volume 4: Jango Fett & Zam Wesell

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Star Wars 30th Anniversary Collection Volume 4 (2007)
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Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection, Volume 4: Jango...
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Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection, Volume 4: Jango...
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Hardcover. Includes Star Wars: Jango Fett (2002) and Star Wars: Zam Wesell (2002). Retailed for $20. Published June 13, 2007.

Writer: Ron Marz
Artist: Tom Fowler, Ted Naifeh
Colorist: Tom Fowler, Dave Stewart, Digital Chameleon

From the publisher:

Jango Fett and Zam Wesell - two notorious bounty hunters, one explosive combination! When a mysterious employer hires Jango Fett to retrieve an ancient artifact, it's no surprise to find the beautiful and deadly Zam Wesell in pursuit of the same prize. Will this pair of fair-weather foes double-cross each other to land this lucrative score, or will a shared past convince the two that teamwork is the key to success...and survival?! Collecting the graphic novels Jango Fett and Zam Wesell into one volume for the first time, this story captures a pivotal moment in the history of the Republic. Each month, the Star Wars 30th Anniversary Collection series will bring readers a limited-edition hardcover of the best of Dark Horse's Star Wars graphic novels. Available only through Direct Market retail outlets, each volume's print run is limited to initial orders and will not be reprinted.


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