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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

Lev walked through the reception area of the Czerka administration building, bypassing the GE3-series receptionist droid.

"Excuse me! Sir, I am afraid you must have appointment to proceed through this area!"

"Hhhmm." Lev turned around. "The Hanger, where is it."

"Three corridors down to your left, at the end of the hallway, but I must protest! You are required to sign in on a scheduled appointment!"

"Thanks." Lev continued down the passage, following the droid's directions to the hanger. The door hissed open, and he entered the large open main bay. His boots made a distinct  'ka-ching-chnk'  sound as he stepped across the duracrete floor, echoing throughout the room. It was apparently loud enough to draw the attention of the large gathering of mercenaries away from the Czerka Director of Operations and his presentation. He wasn't sure if it was the yellow-gold Mando armor he was wearing or the protocol droid called security for stepping over some imaginary line, because either way, everyone in the room had their guns drawn on him.

"There he is! The Mandalorian!" The obnoxious GE3 Droid came bumbling into the hanger, followed by a dozen Czerka security officers.

"Well well, looks like we got a Mandie, boys. I'll handle it." The Czerka officer stepped forward. "Where's you buddies? There anymore of your filth in my outpost?"

Lev tilted his head slightly, glaring at the officer. "I work alone."

"Well, ain't that cute. Get this, he's alone. All alone. You want to cause trouble? Do it. I'm not afraid of you, Mandie. You take me on, you take on the whole force."

"Hmph." Lev slowly reached into one of his belt pouches, pulling out a dark cylindrical shaped wrapping of dried, aged leaves, carefully placing it in the side of his mouth. "You're not worth my time."

"Yeah? think I can't shoot?" The officer stood for a moment, then raised his blaster. "I'll show you, Mandie."

Lev halfway turned around when a bright red bolt of energy zipped past his face. Everyone braced for a gunfight, but he simply pulled the cigarra from his lips in mock toast. "Thanks for the light." Lev inhaled a whiff of the sweet smoke, then continued walking to the gathering of mercenaries, most of which were stifling laughter.

"Now that our final member of the group is here, let us continue..."

"This IS my signature."

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

Moments before the doors opened, Jonas began to feel a slight touch of nausea, the hairs on the back of his neck raised and his eyes felt as if they were being drawn to the door between the Czerka facilities and the main hanger. It slid open and a lone figure stepped through. Jonas was quick, as was every other mercenary in the room, suddenly every ranged weapon in the room with a line of sight was fixed on this man, who had walked into the room wearing Mandalorian armor. A group of security guards showed up behind him and there was a brief exchange, ending with the big tough security guard taking a shot, missing and somehow not starting a huge volley of gunfire in his direction. All he did was light the mercenaries cigarra, or whatever it was. Jonas laughed slightly, as did most of the others, but he was relived. As the Mandalorian made his way to the other mercs to be briefed and given a mission assignment, Jonas turned back,  holstering his pistols.

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

Gerin was packing his travel case when a beeep notified him that someone was at his door. He walked through his artifact filled apartment to the door, passing glass cases and shelves that held silent pieces of the history of the galaxy.

SHOOook! The door opened.

Perth stood in the doorway, a knowing smile on his face.

"Did I get it? Did they agree to the payment?" Gerin asked holding his hand out to Perth, as if trying to pull the answer out of him.


"HaHA! Great! This is crazy... THE lost city Perth." Gerin said as the two walked back into the apartment and Gerin continued packing.

"This is a somewhat serious matter Gerin," Perth said, taking a seat. "Its nothing to be taken lightly...No one knows anything about the City. No one knows its secrets......"

"...You're beginning to sound like my mother Perth. I'm going after an increadible find of historical significance and you're talking about some hokey religion. Besides, you know what a cautious fellow I am." Gerin said, taking his Dexley out of a silk bag and tossing it into his case.


Gerin boarded a passenger liner in Coronet City's main public hangar, shoving his case into the over head. He took a seat and immediatly set his hat over his eyes, he learned from experience to catch sleep whenever he could.

Unbeknownst to him, 3 aisles behind him sat a man watching him from behind a HoloNet projection. His affiliations or intentions unknown.


After stopping Tatooine and making the switch to one of Czerka Corps private ships that knows the location of the planet, the Czerka ship Gerin was on was approaching the planet and a 'ding' sounded through the cabin, notifying everyone of the arrival.

With Gerin in the ship were several Czerka workers and officers, probably reinforcing or replacing some others. On Tatooine, in between route changes, Gerin changed into his field clothes. His whip and Dexley were now at his side, hanging from his utility belt.

Walking off the docked ship and into the space port in the middle of the Czerka city, he approached an officer with a datapad logging in all the arrivals.

"Mind pointing me in the direction of the HQ?" Gerin asked

The officer looked him up and down and raised an eyebrow.

"What are you supposed to be, a rancor tamer?" The man asked

"Archaeologist. Where should I be going?"

"You sure dont look like the rest that have come through here. You should probably go to the hangar where the mercs are being briefed. The other archaeologists are already on their way. Exit here and continue North West until you see the biggest gray building. The hangar is attached to it."

"Thanks." Gerin said with a nod of his head and walked out. He arrived later than the rest, and would have to bunk with the mercs instead of the scientists. Not that he minded, the Czerka scientists are notorious for being book smart morons. Then again, mercenaries arent exactly fond folk either.


Entering the hangar, Gerin passed several heavily modified merc ships and headed towards a group of them facing an Czerka official. The official looked like he was about to begin, and was going through some datapad lying on a desk before starting. Gerin walked up to him before he could start.

"Who are you? Everyone thats in the list is here already..." The man said, giving the list a once over.

"Gerin Solo, archaeologist." Gerin said handing him a datachip that he was given back on Corellia by one of the Czerka men. The man took the chip and clicked it into his data pad were orders for Gerin poped up.

"Oh I see, you're the expert they've brought in. The other scientists are already on their way so just wait here with the mercs and you'll leave with them." The man said, Gerin nodded and leaned against a crate and waited.

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

Traya viewed the Mercenary gathering place from a open balcony above the muttering group, quite a few rough looking individuals. She went over a less-than-complete background check on the lot, flagging the more interesting cases for Master Bal, especially the Echani merc who seemed to of had his jaw ripped off by a wookie, she didn't want to know how that happened. Also a Mandalorain, interesting that one of them choose to fight his own kind, defiantly needed to keep an eye on him.

Sensing a familiar presence, Traya looked up just in time to see Master Bal enter the hangar through a side door.

"I'm sorry, to keep you all waiting but defensive operations orders had to overseen."

He paused for a moment.

"Your about to engage in a conflict that will most certainly end in the death of many of you, if you want out...now is the time. You will have to wait in till this nasty business is over before you leave of course. There will be no going back after you have been deployed. Deserters will be shot.

A moment of uncomfortable silence went by before he continued.

"Here's the situation, we need three groups, one for each operation. A Jedi padawan has been captured by Echani forces and are threatening his life if Republic forces are not removed. I've just received word that the Senate has now decided that this included with the un-militarily-provoked assaults against are installations during peace talks, as an act of war."

A murmur rippled through the crowd. Master Bal continued:

"This will not be announced officially for another five hours, during that time are first team will launch a sneak strike against the Echani base our intelligence has reported that is holding Padawan Talo.

Our second team will be heading to the ruins, to neutralize the Echani defense perimeters  and destroy whatever Echani teams are inside the ruins themselves, its is imperative that we secure those ruins for ourselves. There's no telling what they may have found in there. The members of this groups will also have the double job of escorting our scientists down to the ruins location, and protecting them [the ruins] from counter attacks, that will certainly be launched.

Finally, are third team will be heading to the predicted position of the Mandalorain camps, to secure are flank from any attacks they might launched after we've sent are other two teams to there perspective positions which will leave are main base here weak."

One of the less rough-looking mercs raised his hand.

"Um...last time i checked the Republic has more than enough military power to subjugate this planet in less than a day. Why don't you just call for back up?"

"Good question," replied Master Bal. "We can't call in any back-up because this planets location must remain a secret. This conflict is generating a lot of sympathy in religiously-similar races. If this planets exact location were ever to become known publicly, reinforcements for the Echani would almost certainly arrive, sparking a full scale war. We cant allow that to happen. Czerka Corp has gone to extreme lengths to make this happen. Everything has been kept hush-hush. You yourselves were only given the location of this planets after you accepted for a reason. There is also a reason for why the the application was given in Czerka Corp space: If any of you had been given the coordinates and not shown up at an predesignated assumed time...well you probably don't want to know what would've happened."

Another (louder this time) ripple of murmurers broke out.

"Now, if there are no more questions, you will go and see Padawan Traya about your assigned position." He gestured up to her previously unnoticed position, just before she jumped down with out a sound. "If you survive, you have the word of the Jedi Council and of the Republic Senate that you will all be compensated, individually, 1,000,000 credits.

You have your orders, may the force be with you...and may it save your soul."

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

Name: Jagriim Martuul
Species: Human (Mandalorian)
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Occupation: Mercenary
Weapon: His beskad.  His is slightly longer than the average beskad.  It measures at about two feet.  A Mandalorian Ripper.  Concussion Grenades.

Weapon Use:  Jagriim heavily favours his beskad.  He considers it a much worthier weapon than a blaster pistol.  In most situation he will be wielding a sword. This focus on melee training has left his ranged skills in question.  He's moderately good with a pistol but worse than most out there.

Appearance: Armoured http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/starw … mander.jpg
Out of Armour: http://moviesmedia.ign.com/movies/image … 68-000.jpg  Obviously not with those weapons.

Personality:  He is a patient individual overall.  Willing to wait long periods in order to get what he wants.  Slow to anger but when he gets angry he is more prone to mistakes.  Thinks usually of himself but is bound by his own sense of honour.  If he feels his target is decent enough he will offer him to one on one combat.

History:  Was born on Althir.  During the early stages of the Mandalorian Wars, the Mandalorians conquered Althir.  During one of the raids by the Mandalorians his father, mother and sister were killed.  Jagriim was only 7 years old at the time.  As the Mandalorians approached him he picked up a beskad of a dead Mandalorian and attempted to hold them off.  One of the Mandalorians found this display amusing and decided to adopt Jagriim.  He spent his time on Dxun training during most of the Mandalorian Wars.  After the fall of Malachor V he began taking up work as a mercenary/bounty hunter doing whatever got him cash.

“Eem.  Ee wronged me.  I want eem dead or alive back ere to ze rendezvous point.  You can do that non?”  Jagriim nodded as his employer, Qolleb, handed him a datapad took the datapad containing information about his target.  He studied the man’s features.  Gerindolus Solo.  Corellian human. 

“I had claim to a precious artifact and ee beat me to it ze swine.  And I want eem as compensation.” 

“Consider it done Qolleb.”  Jagriim put his helmet on and walked out the door.


Jagriim carried a bag containing his armor and precious beskad over his shoulder.  The bag was made of Verpine fibermesh which should cause enough interference in the machines of the Corellian spaceport facility to hide his effects but not be too suspicious.  He boarded the plane and took his seat.  He cautiously watched the boarding passengers over the top of his holonew reader waiting until his target finally boarded.  Jagriim sat a few seats back from his target.  Turns out this man was not too hard to find.  He was a professor at an institute in Corellia.  And like Qolleb had said he did some treasure hunting on the side.  He had tailed him for a day until he found his break.  Solo was interviewed by some Czerka Corp members.  After bribing one of them after the meeting he learned that Solo was heading to a highly secret Czerka outpost to investigate some ruins.  Jagriim had managed to do some research and he had found that Mandalorians have a high presence there.  This was shaping up to be an easy payout.  Ambush him at some ruins and the survivors will confirm it was a Mandalorian raiding party. 

The shuttle stopped off at Tatooine where Jagriim had a contact who set him up with a smuggler who was travelling in the area and was willing to make a stop at this planet.  The greasy human and his ithorian counterpart weren’t exactly the most trustworthy of types but they got him from A to B and for the most part left him alone.  After a long trip the ship managed to touch down at a remote location without Czerka, Mandalorian, or Echani contact on the planet.  Jagriim paid the smuggler and suited up in his armour.  Ditching the bag he headed out towards a location he had worked very hard to find.  These Mandalorian outposts here were quite hard to find.

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Jonas pushed his way though the crowd, he didnt know why he had to get up to the Czerka staff, they could just as easily send coms to every one or just read their lists out. One of the staff was checking the list, and Jonas got the distinct sense that he was scared.

"And you are?" he said, looking at Jonas with forced disinterest, he probably was afraid the mercenary would hurt him for looking at his jaw funny, as Jonas had his helmet and arm sections retracted. and probably did look rather intimidating.

"My name is Jonas." Jonas said, and he would have grinned at the way the employee reacted to his voice, if he still had a jaw.

"Jonas.....?" The worker trailed off, asking for a last name to search by.

"Just Jonas."

"Ah" the worker muttered, keying something into his console. "Your assigned to the assault on the echani stronghold at the ruin. Report to the West gate by 1500 local time. Thats in about 30 minutes and its a two minute walk. The rest of your fire team will assemble there for transport."

Jonas turned and walked away, pushing through the crowd again and heading out, looking to see who he would be working with on the way.

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

Jagriim casually strolled through the dense foliage of this planet's surface.  He took note of the creatures that scurried across his path.  A twig snapping caught his attention but he made as if he heard nothing.  As he kept walking he heard a voice behind him.

"Not another move aruetii."  Jagriim slowly turned around to face three Mandalorians.  They all had their blasters leveled at him.  He slowly raised his hands.  One of them motioned to the sword on his back.

"Awfully nice sword you have there.  Steal it off a Mandalorian during the wars?  Or do you actually know how to use a beskad."

Jagriim smirked under his helmet.  "Calm down vod.  My clan is Martuul.  I was only a child when the Mandalorians conquered Althir and they adopted me.  Spent time on Dxun afterwards."

All the Mandalorians relaxed a bit.  The leader adressed Jagriim.  "What are you doing so far away from the rest of your clan?"

Jagriim shrugged.  Looking for some more excitement.  One Mandalorian merc I met let me know of this place.  I was tired of hiding on Dxun and wanted something to do simply."

The leader lowered his rifle and the rest followed suit.  He reached his hand to Jagriim who shook it.  "I'm Talvin.  Clan Erthros.  We've been having quite a problem with Echani here and any extra help is most welcome.  We heard an unknown ship entered the atmosphere near our base and left so we came to investigate.  That was yours I presume?"  Jagriim nodded, "Good.  Makes our job much easier.  Let's see what we can get for you.  Follow."

The rest of the Mandalorians headed off and Jagriim tailed them through the thick jungle through what seemed like a random trek.  But as he watched where they were going he noticed very discreet markings on trees and other plants.  Finally they came to a set of ruins that looked to be completely deserted.  Talvin headed to a stone slab and pulled a bush aside revealing a keypad.  He entered in a passcode and the stone slab slid back revealing a durasteel door.  Jagriim followed his party in.  They passed many Mandalorians doing various tasks.  Finally they entered a great hall of sorts.  Holoscreens and maps lined the walls.  A fierce looking Mandalorian sat observing them all.  He turned to the party.

"This was our unexpected visitor?" 

"Yes sir.  He came here looking for work."  The Mandalorian's eyes scanned Jagriim sizing him up.

"You say you want something to do?"

"Yes sir."

He turned back to the holoscreen inside.  "We have learned from our agent inside Czerka that they are planning an expedition into one of the more prominent Sith ruins on this planet.  We are running low on certain supplies.  I would like you to accompany a raiding party against this group of archaeologists.  Take what we need and kill anyone who tries to stop you.  You should meet little resistance.  What did you say your clan was?"

"I didn't.  It's Martuul."

"Ah.  They were responsible for Althir during the second battle correct?"


"And most of them were slaughtered."


"We'll see if you can make up for your vode failures.  Dismissed."

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

ZZTOP wrote:

my person died... no one saved me!!!

Or you could just save yourself, no rule against it. As opposed to relying on others to continue your story when no one will.

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

ZZtop: I would appreciate it if you stopped posting on this RPG, were trying to do a serious game here and I don't want complete beginners dragging it down.

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

Mandal_ShadowWarrior wrote:

ZZtop: I would appreciate it if you stopped posting on this RPG, were trying to do a serious game here and I don't want complete beginners dragging it down.

If someone can't post here, then where do you expect them to learn? Seems a little rude to me.
There's no rule that I've seen that says you have to be a competent or experienced writer to participate in anything here.
Perhaps we can find a better solution.

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

The only issue i can see is that your not really trying to participate in the story line. Your just making up your own and expecting us to follow it. If you want to do that then starting an RPG is a better option as opposed to setting a character loose in vacuum and expecting everyone to jump onto their ships in order to save someone they have no connection to and dont know about.

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

Okay so that's a start.  Now create a history for him, personality, occupation etc, and find a way you can get him to fit in the story.

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

Jayne watched impassively as a Mandalorian walked into the hangar and shrugged off the taunts of the security officers, then listened as the Jedi gave them the rundown on the job.

He walked up to one of the less busy lines, shoving a smaller mercenary aside from the front, drawing some protests from those behind. He responded only by drawing his pistol, narrowing his eyes, and giving a rough grunt. He turned back to the man holding the list, who looked slightly nonplussed.


"Jayne Cobb."

"Mister Cobb...it appears you've been assigned to the third mission, the assault on the Mandalorian Base."

Jayne nodded, then turned away, thinking. The attack would be one of the more dangerous, and important missions--if the Mandalorians could counterattack the ruins, they might able to thwart that entire operation. Plus, if half what he'd heard about Mandalorians was true, it'd be a good fight.

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Azure. Sangue relaxed a bit. They'd talked on occasion while she cooked. It was a good change of pace from the egghead scientists. They bothered him, so smart they couldn't defend themselves planetside. Made him feel more like a babysitter than employee.
Maybe that's what Gruth wanted, roll a few credits their way and keep the rats down while they foraged.
He'd refused to pick up his pay from the paranoid boss. Which was probably why after a good month of it he'd demanded it. The Yam'rii wasn't doing well enough then. Even standing in the background of meetings, Gruth was still paranoid of what they'd find and if he'd ever see it.
"You want a drink?" Sangue stepped down into the bar. Taking a spot at one of the table.
Azure joined him, silent as she moved from the door to her seat. That walk. It bothered him. He couldn't quite say why. Reminded him a little of the striking serpent.
He ordered a generic ale and she a stronger brew concocted from local harvesting.
"Gruth asked me to find you. Wants to get pay out of the way." Azure took half the glass in one long pull.
"More like pick my brain." Sangue lifted his up to his lips but didn't take a drink.
"What is it you do again?" She leaned foward. Giving him a better view of the interwoven tattoos.
"I'm considered a local guide. Spent a good number of years exploring and when Gruth needed an exterminator who knew the wildlife. Czerka directed me to him." Sangue finally took a sip and set the glass down.
"Then why is Gruth so interested in you?" She leaned back, testing her weight on the ramshackle chair.
"How's that?" He rolled the liquid around, watched it flow up the sides and crash down into itself.
"Like you said, he wants to pick your brain."
The treasure supply was running out at the site then. He might want a new locale, untouched and unknown to any faction.
"Then I guess I need to be paid." He moved to stand up.
"What if you were paid a little differently...say ten times more." Azure looked him dead center.
A feeling overtook him, a stranglehold of desire. He wanted Gruth's findings. Maybe. Stealing from a thief.

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

((Alright everyone I am going to be gone until Monday.  Assume I will be waiting in the ruins where Val is heading.  If you feel you want to use me for a purpose go ahead but don't take too many liberties.))

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

"You're looking as cheery as ever Miss.", he said, as he waved to her.

Her whole attention was at her cooking, she didn't bother replying. She wasn't exactly the chatty kind, but sometimes he'd talk to her and she'd listen... or pretend to. She really couldn't care less, but who knew when she'd need a pal for something? So she played nice.

Sangue. That was the guy in charge of... what, already? She forgot. No one was really paying attention to him, the scientists were even more scornful to him than they were to her. He didn't seem to care about that. All in all, not a bad dude. Maybe a little too... she wasn't sure. There was something odd about him.

Ah, yes. She remembered his... job, if it's one. Bug killer. Damn. She was glad that they didn't ask her to do that too. She had to admit that she loved the crunchy-wet sound the critters made when you crushed them. She had killed a few, from time to time. But doing that as job?

Good enough for him, she supposed, but that was fishy. There was something more about him than that.

He had left a little while before she got done, but after the food for the day got all ready, she went to tell the team, then decided to head for the bar, where Sangue went.

"You want a drink?", he asked. As reply, she simply took a seat at his table. Her distant, blasé stare all around the room, wondering if she'd find someone she knew. Not that they'd be happy to find her there, as most were either victims of her raids or friends or family of one of her victims...

As they ordered their drinks, she made eye contact with him.
"Gruth asked me to find you. Wants to get pay out of the way." Azure took half the glass in one long pull.
"More like pick my brain." Sangue lifted his up to his lips but didn't take a drink.

"What is it you do again?" She leaned forward.

"I'm considered a local guide.", he said. "Spent a good number of years exploring and when Gruth needed an exterminator who knew the wildlife. Czerka directed me to him."

He finally took a sip and set the glass down.
"Then why is Gruth so interested in you?" She leaned back, testing her weight on the ramshackle chair.
"How's that?" He rolled the liquid around, watched it flow up the sides and crash down into itself.
"Like you said, he wants to pick your brain."
The treasure supply was running out at the site then. He might want a new locale, untouched and unknown to any faction.
"Then I guess I need to be paid." He moved to stand up.
"What if you were paid a little differently...say ten times more." Azure looked him dead center.

His eyes went away past her, the idea was obviously making its way, and he seemed delighted. He'd join in, she thought. Her own eyes became as bright as the day as she felt excited at the idea of some action.

Half satisfied, half curious. He's not as dumb as it seems. There's something dark about him, she thought, intrigued. She wondered how it would turn out to have him tag along. Could be interesting.


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Re: RPG - Dark by Light


The group of Mercs trickled into the Group 2 staging area, waiting for them was a group of marines, some vehicles, and one hard looking Sergeant.

"Gentlemen, welcome to Galactic Republic Marine Core! You are now officially under my command!"

The Mercs looked at each other in bewilderment.

"By engaging in this operation, you have now lost all your civil rights as Republic citizens! You will now all be referred to as Marines! My Name is Sergeant Johnsen, But you will refer to me always and only as Sergeant or Sir! Understood?"

There was a mixture of mumbles.

"I said was I UNDERSTOOD?"


"That's what I thought you said...Now if you maggots are done lallygagging I'd like you to meet the M- 12-L-R-V...I like to call it the Warthog.

(http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/File:Warthog … gcopy2.jpg)

One of the Mercs spoke up "Why warthog sir?"

"Because M12 LRV is too hard to say in conversation son."

"No, I mean why Warthog...It doesn't really look like a pig."

"Say that again."

"I think it looks more like a puma."

"What in sam hell is a puma!"

"You know like a big cat...like a lion."

"...Your makin that up."

"No, I'm telling you it looks like a puma."

"Whats your name soldier!"

"Uh...Cobb, Sir!"

"Now look here Cobb, unless you want private Simmons over here to poison your next meal, I SUGGEST you shut the hell up! Understood?"


"Alright then. MOVING ON. Since these jungles would eat through an air speeder engine in  half a day, we will be conductin this operation with these vehicles:


(http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/File:1219679 … _front.jpg) (3)

(http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/File:Warthog … gcopy2.jpg) (3) (attached to pelicans)


(http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/File:1221331777_Troop_Warthog.jpg ) (6)

(http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/File:1218480804_Gauss.jpg) (1)

(http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/File:Warthog … gcopy2.jpg) (4)


(http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/File:Warthog … gcopy2.jpg) (6)

(http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/File:1221331777_Troop_Warthog.jpg ) (4)

(http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/File:1218480804_Gauss.jpg) (2)

They are cheaper, easily maintained, and better suited for this operation! You will use the vehicles and you will like it!"

The mercs rang out in a chorus: "SIR YES SIR"

"You will also be turning over any blaster tech to Private Jenkins here. It'll be useless in a hour anyway. To replace it we have a crate load of weaponry you can pick up over there.

((pick from these:



http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/File:BR55HB_ … ifle.jpg))

"Now then, lets mount up, and show those Echani sons-a-b*tches that they could not of picked a worse enemy then the Republic, we are gonna blow the hell out them dumb punks in till we don't have anything to shoot em with, then we are gonna strangle them with there own living guts!



The Mercs rang out in a chorus. "SIR YES SIR!"

Johnsen stuck a unlit cigar in his mouth to chew on. "Uh Huh, damn right I am."

Name: Avvry Johnsen
Gender: Male
Race: Human. Black.
Rank: Sergeant 
Affiliation: Galactic Republic Marine Core
Age: 44
Weapons: M90 CAWS (http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/File:M90A_CAWS.jpg) 357. Magnum (http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/File:HaloArmsRace3.JPG) M9 HE-DP grenade (http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/File:Halo3_M … renade.jpg)

Weakness: He is a NPC.

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

Some quick questions:
1. Why would the jungle destroy an air speeder's engines? They can cruise well above the height of the trees.
2. Why would Halo weapons and equipment be in the Star Wars universe? The jeep-like vehicles don't seem very capable of traversing jungle terrrain. 
Not that the RVB reference wasn't funny. Just hoping to clarify.
Also, one of the links leads nowhere.

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

1: Jungle spores effect the Air speeder engines a lot more, because they have air-intakes.  The gas type Warthog doesn't. The spores also rise well above tree level. Don't worry the Warthogs are quite capable of going over almost any terrain.

2: These guns are no different than any other slug throwers. I simply like the look and feel of these guns, and the pictures were handy.

3: Link was fixed.

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

Moving from there, if the trees produce spores that effect engines of air speeders. Why wouldn't they affect any other machinery?
I'm no botanist but why would trees produce spores and how would they damage or inhibit engines?
Especially repulsorlift technology. Which doesn't have an air intake that I'm aware of because it rebounds gravity. Someone please clarify.
Spores are used to seed life. If so, why would they be so high up? Spores don't have as much energy in them as seeds to produce life and don't last as long.
Gas-engines have air intakes.
It's not a matter of the ground in a jungle, it's the foliage and lack of perception. A ground vehicle can't clear trees it accidentally runs into. For a ground vehicle to move through the jungle it has to be cleared.
Clearing the jungle would only reveal the movements of an attack force.
Where is the gas coming from? Even during the old republic is repulsor tech. I wouldn't think they'd have petroleum based fuel handy.

I'm not a Star Wars technology buff by any means.

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

1: They are affecting other machinery. Blaster tech for one.

2: Its not necessarily JUST trees its the plant life on the planet.

3: I believe your wrong in this respect I remember reading multiple SW books and the air speeders had air intakes.

4: I can use new kinds of plant life because this is a undiscovered and non-cannon planet,
who knows what kind of plant life is on there, or why the spores do what they do, going into
explicit detail into how and why they produce these spores isint necessary.

5: True, I didn't mean to say they didn't, but they aren't used quite like the ones in an air speeder which sucks in way more air than a car based one would, effecting it faster. Plus it doesn't have all the advanced circuitry a Air speeder has which a speeders needs for flight.

(Also I didn't say the Warthogs are completely immune to the spores either. Just that they where better/easier.)

6: Its not complete forest/jungle there are more-openish areas. Even where the trees/folage are, its not super thick. Its possible to drive through.

7: Special arrangements were made by Czerka for the the Republic forces and the fuel was acquired before these events at hand. Besides I could make them battery powered for all it matters.

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

QJagriim trodded through the forest with the rest of his assigned squad.  They were quite a mixed group.  Some had said this was their first assignment while Jagriim could easily pick out the silent veterans of this squad.  The commander of the group was a particularly grizzled veteran by the name of Brutus.  After about an hour march they approached the ruins their contact had flagged.  Brutus called a halt.

"Alright vode listen up.  Alpha follow me up to the front of the ambush point.  We'll make our presence known first.  As soon as we do I want Bravo to flank them picking them off on the sides.  Finally Omega follow up from behind.  We shouldn't encounter too much resistance based on our intel.  A small squad of merc protectors."

Jagriim gathered with the rest of Omega who he had been assigned to.  Each squad had ten men.  The ambush point was the entrance to the courtyard of the ruins.  Strategically this was quite a good position.  The entrance was a long walkway that could be blocked off from either end with enough men.  The fallen stones in the courtyard provided ample cover while the plantlife around the walkway and to the rear was quite dense and could easily hide Omega and Bravo.

Jagriim settled down into the foliage and a light rain began to fall.  He snorted.  How fitting.  Amidst the pitter patter of rain on the leaves and spores around him a mechanical noise rose from the distance.  A trooper pulled out a pair of macrobinocs.  He hissed audibly through the com. 

“Brutus sir.  They are more heavily armoured than we were led to believe.  I can count 1 heavy weapon transport 3 or 4 medium and a fair amount of transports.

“Fierfek.  Our intel was sour.”  Silence filled the comm.  Finally Brutus spoke again.  “How many men do we have capable of taking those out?” 

“Only 2 men sir.”

“Fierfek.  Kriffin’ intel.”  Once again a long silence.

“Orders sir?”

“We fall back.  I know of a remote ruin location not far from here.  We will head there and call for back-up.  Talvin will not be pleased.  But I'm not leading my men into a slaughter."

Jagriim followed the rest of the Mandalorians as they followed Brutus through the jungle.

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

Jonas was in one of the transportation variants, he refused to call them warthogs or pumas, on the account that he had never heard of either of those creatures. The closest thing he could think of was a Corellian sand panther. He actually thought that would be a good name for a light reconnaissance/attack vehicle such as this. The Panther. There was no way he was going to call it the puma anyhow, or the warthag, or worthod or whatever the sergeant said.

He looked down at his new gun, slug-thrower, optical scope, burst fire only. He was holding what could possibly be one of the worst rifles in the history of projectile firearms. It looked prone to jamming, the scope was slightly limited with just one magnification factor. There was no room for any sort of suppression, you couldn't change the fire mode. It was nice and light but that meant it would be a little fragile and might not make a good club if the need arose. At least he still had his rippers.

Can we be done nitpicking?

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

(I just wanted to express my opinion here, i dont really have a post yet. Idk how everyone else feels about this, but the blatant mixing of Halo and SW is just... wrong Mandal. Its not mixing well. I mean, when i brought in my Indy/Gerin thing I converted it to SW as much as possible, but you even kept the same names of the vehicles. The weaponry of each persons character is what also makes them unique, when ppl think them up its important to them. Replacing everything with weapons you want is a bad move in my opinion. The technology is FAR inferior to the weapons everyone currently has, and im pretty sure few ppl in the SW universe would know how to operate the weapons or something with wheels. I dont see how the worthogs are cheaper due to the fact that it would be pretty tough to find someone in the galaxy who still makes them, and who uses gasoline there? A_A's character's monologue says it well, as did Maltese. I maybe should have PMed you personally about this, but I would like to know what everyone thinks.)

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Re: RPG - Dark by Light

((Ive been thinking about this same thing for awhile now, and ive been considering changing it for awhile, and now with all this negative feedback I think my mind has been made up for me.

However, I would like to defend my position first.

The names may have been a bit much ok, I should of changed them, but the gasoline thing can be easily fixed with electric batteries.

As for the weapons I'll give you the whole unique thing, but them being inferior to other tech is kinda the point, the circuitry and adv. tech is more susceptible to the spores. As for the Warthogs being cheaper, I never meant to say that I must of been in a hurry, or something. Now that I think about Id think they'd be even more expensive. But they were special acquired by Czerka for this operation. 

Furthermore, the people of SW are fully capable of understanding how to operate a slug thrower, they are still in use during those times. I dunno about the cars though.

Anyway...Let me think for a bit and I'll edit my posts.))

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