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Kenner "The Empire Strikes Back" Boba Fett Large Action Figure Ad (1978)

* Voiceover: "It's the new Boba Fett Star Wars large size action figure from Kenner. Darth Vader sold separately."
* Kid (as Darth Vader): "Capture them alive."
* Kid (as Boba Fett): "I'm the best bounty hunter in the whole galaxy."
* Kid (as Darth Vader): "That's why you got the job."
* Voiceover: "Boba Fett has a see-through helmet with a play rangefinder to locate your objective. You can move his legs, knees, arms, even wrists and elbows. His backpack unit is removable. "
* Kid (as Darth Vader): "You have your mission. Good luck."
* Kid (as Boba Fett): "I don't need luck. I'm the best."
* Voiceover: "New Boba Fett Star Wars large size action figure. Darth Vader sold separately."

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