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The Empire Strikes Back - Manga #3Star Wars #2 Cover (2013)Asajj and Durge in Republic #52 (2003)Star Wars #9, Work-in-Progress FrameStar Wars #2 (2013), Page with Han, Chewie, and Slave IStar Wars #8, Work-in-Progress FrameGrand Admiral Thrawn wearing Jodo Kast's armorStar Wars #10, Preview Page 2 of 2Star Wars #10, Preview Page 1 of 2Knights of the Old Republic #23 (2007)Star Wars #1 (La Mole Comic Con Exclusive) (2014)Family Circus (2015)Princess Leia #1 (Dynamic Forces Variant) (2015)Star Wars Omnibus: A Long Time Ago Volume 2 TPB (2010)Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The New Republic Volume 1 (2015)Return of the Jedi (Re-print) (2015)Star Wars: The Original Marvel Years Omnibus Volume 2 (2015)Crimson Empire III - Empire Lost #1, "I Can More Than Compensate You"Crimson Empire III - Empire Lost #1, "I Know Who You Are"Crimson Empire III - Empire Lost #2, "Thank You For Your Services, Fett""Star Wars: Empire" #28 Cover ArtStar Wars #8, Original Artwork for Page 22"A Race to the Finish" Adaptation, Boba Fett (1987)"A Race to the Finish" Adaptation (1987)Manga Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back #3 (1999)Manga Star Wars: Return of the Jedi #2 (1999)Return of the Jedi Weekly #23 (UK) (1983)Return of the Jedi Weekly #16 (UK) (1983)Return of the Jedi Weekly #60 (UK) (1984)Return of the Jedi Weekly #52 (UK) (1984)Return of the Jedi Weekly #74 (UK) (1984)Return of the Jedi Weekly #83 (UK) (1985)Marvel Annual: The Empire Strikes Back (Hardcover) (1980)The Empire Strikes Back Weekly #118 (UK) (1980)Classic Star Wars The Early Adventures Volume 4 (2012)Star Wars Omnibus: Shadows of the Empire (2010)Star Wars Omnibus: Emissaries & Assassins (2009)Star Wars Tales Trade Paperback Volume 6 (2006)Mara Jade as Arica with Boba Fett"Goodnight Darth Vader," Jango Fett Panel"Darth Vader and Son," "So Awkward""Vader's Little Princess," Cloud City (French) (2013)"Vader's Little Princess," Cloud City (2013)Return of the Jedi Weekly #141 (UK) (1986)Return of the Jedi Weekly #139 (UK) (1986)Return of the Jedi Weekly #140 (UK) (1986)Classic Star Wars #20 (1994)Boba Fett and his wife Sintas with their daughter AilynAttack of the Clones #2, Marvel Re-PrintAttack of the Clones #4, Marvel Re-Print

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