Fan Fiction Review

Bounty on the Jedi

 timho rated this story and wrote this review on January 25, 2019:

Luke and his friends have gone to the planet of Nithia to find a good location for the construction of a New Republic base. However, on this seemingly simple journey, they meet a mysterious hooded Jedi that leads them to a lost Jedi city. This leads to an encounter with Boba Fett…are Fett’s skills enough to match a Jedi’s?

An action-filled story with incredible description, Nye has composed an exciting addition to the Fan Club’s Fan Fiction section. Nye paints a crisp picture in the reader’s mind, and leads them off on a satisfying adventure through many locations. With a fast-paced plot, and very well described atmosphere, you must consider reading “Bounty on the Jedi”. Nye has certainy earned it…

However, there are some things that could use some brushing up. Some of your sentences are excruciatingly long. To fix this, avoid using conjunctions such as “and” more than once in a sentence. Also, the plot was fast-paced too fast paced. After you read this story, you will know what I mean… build up your plot slowly, equalizing the amount of action with other content. What do I mean by building up a plot? Like building a series of houses, every “house” (action) must have a base.

Also avoid referring to characters suddenly at first, the author gives the impression that only Luke and Mara Jade are onboard a ship, then when it lands, Han, Leia, C3PO, R2 are there. Like I said with the plot, build a base before going to anything else.

Regardless of these minor errors, “Bounty on the Jedi” was a fairly good read.