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Guide / Mandalorian Blueprints

PDF Files

Chest | Cod | Knee | Shinflap | Shoulder | Shoulder 2
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jutilitypockets4 j_chest4 j_cod4 j_knee4
jutilitypockets4.jpg j_chest4.jpg j_cod4.jpg j_knee4.jpg
j_shinflap4 j_shoulder4 j_shoulder4a jchest4
j_shinflap4.jpg j_shoulder4.jpg j_shoulder4a.jpg jchest4.jpg
jharness4 jknee4 jlogos4 jshinguard4
jharness4.jpg jknee4.jpg jlogos4.jpg jshinguard4.jpg
jshoulder4 jthighpouch4    
jshoulder4.jpg jthighpouch4.jpg

This is a mirror of the content originally from The Mandalorian Blueprints web site created by Jayse.

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