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1 episode (1996)


Season 2 Episode 19

  • Episode Title: "Presence"
  • Air Date: April 14, 1996

Directed by Lee Shallat Chemel. Written by Alan J. Higgins and Josh Lieb.

At the AM Radio Convention, Jimmy's high stakes poker game with some other wealthy owners loses the station's coffee machine.

Fett References

  • Fett first appears, picture and audio, at 13 minutes, 55 seconds
  • In the end credits, Boba Fett was provided by "J.T. Hutt."


  • "This is my good luck charm. That's Boba Fett."
  • "Intergalactic bounty hunter featured in Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi."
  • "Yeah... How do you know that?"
  • "Uh, just one of the many fascinating tidbits you pick up when you date Dave."

  • "Hey, Boba Fett!"
  • "What the hell is that?"
  • "Intergalactic bounty hunter who attracted Han Solo to the cloud city of, umm, Bespin..."

  • "And where in the world did you find a camera small enough to fit inside the Boba Fett doll?"
  • "I made it. Hahah. ... Now please just move the Boba cam just a little to the left. There we go! Gentlemen, I have you now."


Jimmy loses Bill in a poker game. Lisa competes in Jimmy's place to win him back. Joe uses a hidden camera inside a Boba Fett action figure to keep up with the action. Episode written by Alan J. Higgins and Josh Lieb and directed by Lee Shallat Chemel. When someone asks what it is, they are told "Boba Fett," and Dave explains "He's the intergalactic bounty hunter who traced Han Solo to the cloud city of Bespin..."


Creator Paul Simms: "Many of the writers, myself included, are big Star Wars fans. Josh Lieb, the co-executive producer who is watching me type this, wants me to point out that he is not a Star Wars fan, because he is stupid. Anyway, that's why we wanted to use Boba Fett, and we were actually shocked that the LucasFilm people allowed us to do it." --

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