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An ancient reptilian creature that once carried Mandalorians into battle.

Until Season 3 Episode 2 of "The Mandalorian" (2023), the Mythosaur was shown as either a skeleton or a "fictional" recreation (e.g. fan art).

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Besides being a beast that was useful to the Mandalorians in battle, the Mythosaur holds symbolic value to them as well because of how they used it's skull to represent someone or something that was Mandalorian. An exception to this came from the ancient bounty hunter Durge who wore a brightly colored representation of this beast's skull across his broad armored chest as a way of taunting the Mandalorians who he loathed more than any other being in the Galaxy including the Jedi.

Boba also wore the symbol of a Mythosaur skull on his armor as well.


Boba Fett's shoulder symbol used to be thought of a Bantha skull. It's unclear why that legend came to be. It's more established in licensed/official literature to be a Mythosaur.


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