Upper Body

Wookiee Braids

Boba Fett has braided Wookiee scalps.

In an interview for the magazine Lucasfilm Fan Club #21 (Winter 1994), Jeremy Bulloch shared this story: "I got into the costume and I put the helmet on. There were lots of little gadgets and knee pads and the boots had two little jets on the toes. I thought, 'This looks rather good!' There was a jet pack, too. I found what I thought was my hair so I put it on underneath the helmet, hanging down. When I came out to show George Lucas, he said, 'What's that funny thing sticking out of your helmet?' I said, 'Isn't it the character's hair?' 'No,' said George, 'it's a Wookiee scalp -- it's supposed to be tied to your belt!'"


"Animated" Boba Fett

2 sub-variants

"Droids" Boba Fett

"Holiday" Boba Fett

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Multiple brown pelts, very similar to Chewbacca's fur color

"Concept" Boba Fett

2 sub-variants

"McQuarrie Concept" Boba Fett

"McQuarrie/Johnston Concept" Boba Fett

"Empire" Boba Fett

"A Field Guide to Boba Fett's Mandalore Armor"
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One silver/grey, two blonde, and one dark brown/black looped braid (501st CRL) (same as PP3)

"Jedi" Boba Fett

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Wookiee scalps are "blonde, brown and black braided loops of hair hung from the right shoulder" (501st CRL)

"Post-Sarlacc" Boba Fett

4 sub-variants

"Post-Sarlacc" 1 Armor (Cobb Vanth)

"Post-Sarlacc" 2 Cloaked Figure


"Post-Sarlacc" 3 Armor with Robes

"Re-Armored" Boba Fett

"Pre-Pro" Boba Fett

5 sub-variants

"Pre-Pro #1" Boba Fett

"Pre-Pro #2" Boba Fett

"Pre-Pro #3" Boba Fett

One silver/grey, two blonde, and one dark brown/black looped braid (same as ESB hero)

"Promo #1" Boba Fett

"Promo #2" Boba Fett

"Prototype" Boba Fett


"Special Edition" Boba Fett

2 sub-variants

"Return of the Jedi: Special Edition" Boba Fett

Same synthetic braids from "The Empire Strikes Back"

"Star Wars: Special Edition" Boba Fett

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