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Boba Fett's Duraplast armored helmet has an external targeting rangefinder, broad-band antenna, environmental filter system, fire control battle computer, macrobinocular viewplate with infrared scanner, internal comlink, and integrated motion / sound sensor system.


"Concept" Boba Fett

2 sub-variants

"McQuarrie Concept" Boba Fett

Boba Fett Concept by Ralph McQuarrie
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Rangefinder is sometimes on the left ear or right ear of the helmet, depending on the sketch number
Never a full "T" visor
Rangefinder is on the left of the helmet

"McQuarrie/Johnston Concept" Boba Fett

Boba Fett Concept Art #226 by Joe Johnston (3/1978)
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Rangefinder is consistently on the right ear of the helmet
Rangefinder is on the right of the helmet

"Prototype" Boba Fett

Prototype Boba Fett's Helmet
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All white
Red and blue triangles above the visor, different than how they appear in the Original Trilogy
This helmet was painted over to create the PP1

"Pre-Pro" Boba Fett

5 sub-variants

"Pre-Pro #1" Boba Fett

Pre-Pro 1 Boba Fett Helmet "Ears"
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Helmet "eyes" (version 1, later called "Jaig eyes") and then "ears" (version 2) higher up; you can see the "eyes" were painted over
Left and right "ears" are nearly the same color, unlike PP3
Painted over version of the all-white Prototype helmet

"Pre-Pro #2" Boba Fett

Pre-Pro 2 Boba Fett
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Used for publicity photos, but not for any film
Left and right "ears" are nearly the same color, unlike PP3

"Pre-Pro #3" Boba Fett

Unlike PP1 and PP2, right "ear" of the helmet is almost a peach color and not the same as the left "ear"
Similar helmet to "Empire," but not the same

"Promo #1" Boba Fett

This helmet was the one used in "Return of the Jedi"

"Promo #2" Boba Fett

"Empire" Boba Fett

IG-88 and Boba Fett (Publicity Photo)
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Dome and lower cheeks are olive green, e.g. Pantone 624 UP (501st CRL)
Mandibles, head band and key slot area are a dark red/burgundy color, e.g. PMS 484 C (501st CRL)
Upper cheeks of helmet are black
14 killstripes, painted in a gradient from yellow to orange, e.g. PMS 116 U to PMS 152 CP (501st CRL)
Helmet back panels are primarily a darker green in color, e.g. PMS 553CP (501st CRL)
Upper right ear encases the rangefinder attachment point and is an earthen/tan color, e.g. PMS 458 U, with a white and black upside-down "U" shape on the top portion that encompasses ESB specific lettering details (501st CRL)
Below the upper section is a split silver section with 9 small, weathered black stripes; the lower section is the same earthen/tan color as the upper ear and is consistent with visual references (501st CRL)
Left ear is olive-green in color, e.g. PMS 5753 UP, with an upside down white "U" shape symbol containing specific lettering, on the top portion of the ear with red and white weathering showing through, closely matching visual references (501st CRL)

"Jedi" Boba Fett

Return of the Jedi, Boba Fett in Jabba's Palace...
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Darker green / medium green helmet
Upper cheeks of helmet are blue-green
18 killstripes
Mandibles and head band are red / burgundy
Keyhole slots on the back of the helmet with a visible appearance of a circuit board.
Helmet dome has a prominent dent in the left-front portion
Helmet back panels are primarily a medium green color
Rangefinder assembly on the right side
Rangefinder stalk appears metallic with two red "lights" on top
Both weathered ears are metallic silver
Right cheek has a weathered silver "diagnostic port"
Right ear has a "micro switch"
See the 501st Legion CRL for more details

"Special Edition" Boba Fett

2 sub-variants

"Star Wars: Special Edition" Boba Fett

A New Hope: Special Edition, Mos Eisley Spaceport Scene,...
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Same as the "Return of the Jedi" hero helmet.

"Return of the Jedi: Special Edition" Boba Fett

Return of the Jedi: Special Edition, Jabba's Palace...
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Used the "Empire" helmet, differing this from the "SW:SE" choice.

"Animated" Boba Fett

2 sub-variants

"Holiday" Boba Fett

Screenshot 49
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Very saturated blue with simplified lines for hand-drawn animation

"Droids" Boba Fett

Boba Fett with crossed arms
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Very desaturated blue with simplified lines for hand-drawn animation, even less detailed than the "Holiday Special"

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