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Swarovski Sparkling Crystal Miniature Boba Fett Helmet

2018  |  Swarovski

Swarovski Sparkling Crystal Miniature Boba Fett Helmet
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Swarovski Sparkling Crystal Miniature Boba Fett Helmet
More Info

About This Item


Retails for $8,550. Sometimes shown in the lobby of a Disney Hotel circa 2018.

From the designer:

Star Wars fans will love this representation of the helmet worn by Boba Fett, one of the most famous villains in the Star Wars saga. This impressive Limited Edition has been crafted with over 9,600 crystals, set by hand using our Pointiage technique in 87 hours. Limited to 300 pieces worldwide, each piece is engraved with its unique edition number on a round metal plaque on the black granite base. This unique statement piece comes in a premium blue suitcase with a Certificate of Authenticity. Decoration object. Not a toy. Not suitable for children under 15.


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