Boba Fett Pewter Figure

1994  |  Rawcliffe

Boba Fett Pewter Figure (1994)
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2.5" tall.

Retailed for $19.50.

From Star Wars Insider, showing off other pieces in the series such as Darth Vader, classic Yoda, Speeder Bike, and Jabba the Hutt with Salacious Crumb and Princess Leia:

Collectible pewter figurines featuring characters and vehicles from the Star Wars saga. Figurines are crafted in minute and exquisite detail. Pieces size range from 2" to 5" including the sturdy 1/4" base, adorned with the Star Wars logo. Pewter is a malleable, tin-based metal and some smaller parts may warp slightly in shipping. Gently bend the part back to the proper alignment and you can enjoy your collectible for years to come!

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