"You're not the only one who's killed Jedi!" — Boba Fett, Tales #11

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Boba Fett Instruments

4 Records

2015Peavey Boba Fett Predator Guitar (2015)
Boba Fett Predator GuitarBoba Fett Predator Guitar
Peavey Electronics  |  2015  |  1 Photo
From the distributor: Somehow, a "Predator" model...

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2002Boba Fett Guitar Pick, Regular
Boba Fett Guitar PickBoba Fett Guitar Pick
Fernandes  |  2002  |  2 Photos
Gold version (rare) and a normal version (one side...

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2002Boba Fett Guitar
Boba Fett GuitarBoba Fett Guitar
Fernandes  |  2002  |  1 Photo

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2001Fernandes Nomad Boba Fett Guitar (2001)
Boba Fett GuitarBoba Fett Guitar
Fernandes  |  2001  |  1 Photo  |  1 Merchant
Rumored to be between 75 and 300 made. Features a...

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